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Even the clan in the 50s wen they had over 10k people at the 1953 democratic national convention achieved nothing in the long run

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well that happened

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We're all on team white. I mean nothing personal and take nothing personal. I'm just taking a shit and popped on discord lol

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Klan was fighting a changing set of values domestically. Didnt utilize what power they had in 20's and never recovered from ww2 stigmas

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Go pick up some good book guerrilla warfare and long war theory

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ya my politics has always been one goal. "the normalization of white identity"

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Somebody throw on some st Crispin speech

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what happens after that is irrlevant to me

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In my experience the harder I go and the less I hold back the more progress I make even with normies.

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Ultimately I think not everyone is NatSoc here but the NatSoc are tired of being counter signaled regardless of being allies to white identity

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He who beats down commies with me today is my brother

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when white men cant be fired for being white nationalists is when our movement and our people are liberated

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You have to be the Connor McGregor of activism

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at least mentally

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To make your way to the top

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after that any number of things can happen

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parties could form

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Gotta wipe... legs going numb

Cya homeys

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but none of those things can happen without white identity for hundreds of millions

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Like I said, I think the natsocs are tired of being attacked within the movement for what THEY believe to be the right way

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@Stormer DC That's all good and fair. We want you to go hard. We want everyone to go at this from multiple angles. Just on this day in CVille, let's make it a white identitarian rally of unity, with political agendas set aside. We all know Lee was a great man and a symbol of white greatness. That's the issue right now. One brick at a time.

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I would say that the alt-lite has done more to accomplish that goal than the Alt-Right by far and away if for no reason other than they have greater numbers

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And natsocs certainly support white identity and will be there regardless

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And I'll support NatSoc

Ok ttyl for real now

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I support the 14 wprds and any org that has thwt as their end goal

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Take it easy brother

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I am a National Socialist when it comes down to it. It's just a disagreement in tactics is all. That's all I see these debates as; discussion of strategy.

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Many of us are National Socialists, @Americana - MD#3916 on both sides of this disagreement. We want the same thing, it's just a differing on the best course of action to get there. Like Wyatt said, it's good that we can have these discussions. In the past, our movement has let itself be torn apart by these relatively petty disagreements. I think it's a fantastic sign that we can have these disagreements now, and still stand together when it counts.

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I'm a NatSoc and I believe it isn't the time for the swastika and that time may never come we need our own symbology as Amazon National Socialists we went the NADSP

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I didn;t even have any plans to fly any swastikas myself tbh. I just find it hypocritical to tell the normies they're being cucks for not wanting to stand with a bunch of WNs then turn around and say "but you Nazis are too edgy. please keep that shit at home."

2017-08-01 00:47:44 UTC  

we need normies to see themselves as white before anything else

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alot of white people (hundreds of millions) are stuck in "human race" mode

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Also consider that securing an existence for our people and a future for white children is going to require naming the jew. If you never had any intention of doing that you may as well quit now. If you do in fact name the jew, you'll be compared to the Nazis no matter what.

2017-08-01 00:48:12 UTC  

we need to turn on "white race" mode

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I feel like when we put out the call, reached out to bases like the Daily Stormer, and called the event Unite The Right, we knew we were opening an invitation to the people who will fly the Swastika. Unless I missed an announcement, are the organizers asking for Swastikas not to be displayed?