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2017-07-04 03:20:58 UTC  

Heil Hitler!

2017-07-04 03:21:30 UTC  

Or... we can invite cernovitch and then put him on a flaming fag drag

2017-07-04 03:21:46 UTC  

That'd work too

2017-07-04 03:22:17 UTC  

Where the fuck is Sacco?

2017-07-04 03:22:26 UTC  

@V I T A L I T Y b stands for Blake and my sexy voice

2017-07-04 03:22:34 UTC  

White Sharia!

2017-07-04 03:22:39 UTC  

Amren borther

2017-07-04 03:24:41 UTC  

Thank you @Rook - IN

2017-07-04 03:28:03 UTC  

Cernovitch is the human pinata.

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@Goldstein Riots , I don't know why I stopped using discord. We have so much more fun here and I keep getting kicked from Facebook and twitter.

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2017-07-04 03:31:29 UTC  

@Athena Marie discord is more fun, no normies to fuck with though.

2017-07-04 03:38:24 UTC  

♪ ♫ Throw the jew down the well ♪ ♫

2017-07-04 03:40:53 UTC  

^^^ make it so

2017-07-04 03:41:44 UTC

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Hey fucker

2017-07-04 03:42:16 UTC  

No posting animal abuse in here

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The Red Elephants article has led to some interesting opinions from the Patriots corner of the right-wing

2017-07-04 04:14:58 UTC  

Sounds like Faith Godly is onboard to come in. Brittany pettibone will come if we persuade hee

2017-07-04 04:17:05 UTC  

Surprised Goldy agreed to it

2017-07-04 04:17:50 UTC  

Time will tell if her (((boss))) will let it happen

2017-07-04 04:25:17 UTC  

Wow!!! Huge get

2017-07-04 04:26:04 UTC  

Ezra will shoah her the door or put her on same leash he keeps Gavin on

2017-07-04 05:06:34 UTC  

Pettibone will show up if based chop stick man either didnt get her off or doesnt text her back.

2017-07-04 06:25:27 UTC  

Billy Roper is on the warpath on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Stormfront trashing the event.

He started with Spencer, Enoch and Based Stickman. He has expanded his attacks to Heimbach, Invictus, Pax Dickinson and Wife With a Purpose.

2017-07-04 06:58:17 UTC  

@Hunter Wallace#0353 North West Front Anger Alliance

2017-07-04 06:59:58 UTC  

Herold has heimbach on his ok list though I thought, according to his blog anyway ... Billy boy must have missed the memo

2017-07-04 09:06:43 UTC  

@Hunter Wallace what's his gripe?

2017-07-04 10:20:29 UTC  


2017-07-04 10:21:04 UTC  

Earlier some retard joked about robbing trains. I don't care how ridiculous the joke is, no joking about illegal activity

2017-07-04 10:22:26 UTC  

Don't joke about illegal stuff

2017-07-04 13:05:00 UTC  

Happy Independence Day!

2017-07-04 13:07:59 UTC  

Some interesting Rockwell history I stumbled upon:
"On June 22, 1960 Rockwell presented his argument before a New York judge to obtain a Fourth of July rally permit at Union Square. After the hearing, Rockwell gave a press conference and answered a few questions. In response to a reporter, Rockwell said that 80 percent of the Jewish population in America were Communist sympathizers and were therefore traitors who should be gassed. The Jews in the crowd lost all composure and began to assault Rockwell in the presence of the media. He was given a protected escort out of New York City and never received the permit to hold the rally. Rockwell was later indicted for incitement to riot on a warrant which remained open for years."

2017-07-04 13:12:50 UTC  

>incitement to riot