Message from Nerv - VA in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-06-22 16:58:24 UTC  

@everyone Make sure you recruit heavy for this event. Keep in mind how many people the liberals were able to rally within 24 hrs of the tiki torch rally

2017-06-22 17:26:17 UTC  

poor meme alert 😦

2017-06-22 18:34:14 UTC  

I think all of us would be open to tiki nationalism again. But I do think for aesthetic purposes, if we do torches again, they need to be actual torches. The only reservation I have against walking around with fire on sticks this time is that we'll have potentially very violent opposition waiting for us. I really don't want our people getting burned if a brawl breaks out while we're marching with torches.

2017-06-22 18:36:43 UTC  

god forbid we start a fire

2017-06-22 18:38:30 UTC  

What if the Reichstag catches?

2017-06-22 18:39:04 UTC  

"White supremacists burn down Charlottesville - destroy Lee Park."

2017-06-22 18:40:19 UTC  

"The gang razes Virginia"

2017-06-22 18:41:04 UTC  


2017-06-22 18:43:50 UTC  

"The Charlottesville Jewish community is terrified. Find out why at 10pm."

2017-06-22 18:52:38 UTC  

didn't SURJ say they would bring water guns with gasoline?

2017-06-22 18:59:04 UTC  

@ManWithTheHand I didn't see that, lol. Source?

2017-06-22 18:59:21 UTC  

@Erika Can you look into how we can order some torches?

2017-06-22 19:02:49 UTC  

@@ManWithTheHand. @@MadDimension that was mentioned on r/anarchism

2017-06-22 19:10:59 UTC  
2017-06-22 19:14:30 UTC  

speaking of r/anarchism they gave out their discord info

2017-06-22 19:14:55 UTC  

somebody ought to scrape it

2017-06-22 19:28:13 UTC  

The left has already talked about throwing gas on us at the next available opportunity we have torches. I wouldn't put it past them.

2017-06-22 19:33:15 UTC  

have to wonder how much of that is agent provocateurs looking for acceleration

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2017-06-22 22:04:18 UTC  

Jason Kessler is a time traveler.

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2017-06-22 22:10:53 UTC  

Top photo is senator Dick Clark.

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2017-06-22 23:23:31 UTC  

Looks like it mostly for dota

2017-06-22 23:24:48 UTC  

@JohnnyMcFashy that's a hapa bebe

2017-06-22 23:45:08 UTC  

Hahahahaha the new torch lit march anthem.

2017-06-23 00:31:32 UTC  

@swoligarch hapas are the master race

2017-06-23 00:31:43 UTC  

Few know this

2017-06-23 01:08:01 UTC  

I know this

2017-06-23 01:10:39 UTC

2017-06-23 01:47:23 UTC  

i dont want to wait almost 2 months to hang out with my nazi friends and talk about exto while btfoing commies :((

2017-06-23 01:47:48 UTC  

Whoa guys

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2017-06-23 06:14:38 UTC  

@MadDimension I got a 100% trusted anonymous source

2017-06-23 15:39:44 UTC

2017-06-23 15:39:46 UTC  

Looks like we'll have some backup from Based Stickman at the rally. Also, people on this post are calling Richard a leftist and/or socialist. Kek.