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Seriously though, it is sad when the individual groups going are coordinating and organizing with one another more than the actual official organizers are.

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ah welllllll

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Bowl Patrol gonna be out in force, with or without *muh clearance*

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So for all this talk about "pertinant information" I went and checked the pinned messages in all the relevant channels. Not one thing about not showing up early. I saw a call asking for security, but haven't seen anything pinned about there being official security details.

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In a call

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Delet this

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@WhiteTrash we need DS role

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Can barely see muh name

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there is one but i lost it when i got kicked for asking azzmador to speak

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yeah i know this color was the worst possible one they could've picked

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That gayboi @Fevs has it and we don't smdb

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happy birthday @Fevs

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I bet he had a good time at Chippendale's

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Yeah, hearing back from a few of my higher ups.

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No one knew these "official" organizers existed.

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great communication and organization!

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The official organizers were Keyser Soze the whole time

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the greatest trick the bowl ever pulled was convincing the world that he existed

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This honestly explains why everyone and their mothers thinks they are the primary organizers and all the groups have just been working among themselves. Because the official organizers didn't bother to let anyone know they existed.

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anyways i gotta get some rest so i can work nightshift tomorrow

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lets try to unite the right and communicate with all the groups involved

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@WhiteTrash I am not sure who you think is not being communicated with, but we have had leadership meetings every week for the last month, and everyone in those meetings was made aware of the word not to show up early multiple times. If people do show up early the police will not allow them into the park.

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Well apparently the actual leadership of the various groups haven't been informed because different groups are coordinating together to show up early and discuss event tactics, and the people I've heard back from in the League have no clue this official security planning thing existed.

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And the only outreach anyone can reference is messages that may or may not have been posted among the hundreds on the event page, which no one pays attention to since it is a shit show.

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So from where I am standing, it really looks like the official organizers dropped the ball.

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What groups specificly?

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LS, TWP, and VA that I know of.

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All three of those groups are folded into the larger plan. Their leadership have been at every single leadership meeting.

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You are spreading fake news. Stop it now.

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Really? I was unaware Dr Hill was in this Discord server, and my recruiter who has been helping us plan League activities has no clue this official planning thing exists.

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I'm not spreading fake news at all.