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2017-06-18 18:20:49 UTC  

So, no drinking after the event? Loö

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2017-06-18 18:21:17 UTC  

They better fucking serve us or they'll have to shut down the entire city

2017-06-18 18:21:40 UTC  

We will find somewhere to drink, I'm not worried about that at all

2017-06-18 18:22:20 UTC  


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2017-06-18 18:23:18 UTC  

Bring your own bar

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2017-06-18 18:24:47 UTC  

What about the faggot wedding cake precedent?

2017-06-18 18:25:24 UTC  

They're a protected group...... Nazis lives don't matter.

2017-06-18 18:26:33 UTC  

Unfortunately, you're right.

2017-06-18 18:26:44 UTC  

You can discriminate based on political beliefs

2017-06-18 18:29:03 UTC  

Half of downtown is owned and or run by SJWs and/or Faggots. It's a yuppie waste land these days. Wasn't like that when I was a child.

2017-06-18 18:29:35 UTC  

So do we push back, or not worry about it?

2017-06-18 18:30:17 UTC  

Part of me wants to get in their faces, but it may not be worth it.

2017-06-18 18:32:14 UTC  

I understand wanting to push back and part of me wants to but also who the fuck really wants to be around droves of those kind of people? Unfortunately, Jason is a huge trigger for them. I'd like to see what happens if a group goes out without him......

2017-06-18 18:32:57 UTC  

I'm curious to see if the whole mall does some sort of shut down that Saturday...

2017-06-18 18:33:08 UTC  

That would be interesting

2017-06-18 18:33:32 UTC  

Even the Downtown malls Facebook page shared that BS crybaby post from the Taco place people.

2017-06-18 18:34:16 UTC  

Maybe if we avoided it altogether Saturday night, they'll wonder where we are and what we're up to.. It may keep them on edge.

2017-06-18 18:35:33 UTC  

A shutdown would be good. It would cost them shekels in lost business

2017-06-18 18:36:47 UTC  

I like the optics of a boarded up ghost town hiding from the evil powers descending on their town.

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2017-06-18 18:58:26 UTC  

Why don't we have a picnic on the downtown mall? We take the space and don't give shitlib shops our shekles.

2017-06-18 18:59:03 UTC  

That would actually be hilarious

2017-06-18 18:59:24 UTC  

Traditional picnic set up

2017-06-18 19:00:21 UTC  

Checkered cloths, baskets, real trad stuff.

2017-06-18 19:00:26 UTC  

So all we need to do is discriminate against anyone who isn't a white nationalist?

2017-06-18 19:00:50 UTC  


2017-06-18 19:01:43 UTC  

Perfect lady work.

2017-06-18 19:03:13 UTC  

We need stick and hoop and frisbee catching

2017-06-18 19:03:26 UTC  

Frankly I'd rather have our women preparing food off site instead of at the rally. They can come in if things aren't crazy.

2017-06-18 19:06:10 UTC  

What if a riot breaks out in Charlottesville?

2017-06-18 19:06:17 UTC  

And if they are we can meet them some place else to eat.

2017-06-18 19:08:33 UTC  

Oh I wouldn't set up that down there at all. It would be funny but not ideal.

2017-06-18 19:10:07 UTC  

The way it was last night a riot wouldn't surprise me at this point. Locals are really torn- they either want to harm you guys or gather in a circle and sing kumbaya while they hold each other.

2017-06-18 19:31:24 UTC  

Picnic nationalism now

2017-06-18 19:31:35 UTC  

It's implicitly white

2017-06-18 21:09:50 UTC  

Thats retarded

2017-06-18 21:23:26 UTC  


2017-06-18 21:23:29 UTC