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2017-07-20 02:00:18 UTC  

John McCain gets cancer best day of my life

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2017-07-20 02:00:46 UTC  

"Yvonne Felarca was arrested on Tuesday night on charges of assault by means of force likely to inflict great bodily injury, participating in a riot and inciting a riot."

2017-07-20 02:03:40 UTC  

I thought her name was Yvette? Different person?

2017-07-20 02:08:04 UTC  

They might have typo'd.

2017-07-20 02:08:42 UTC  

If that's her, this has been a very good day.

2017-07-20 02:09:24 UTC  

Yeah, it's her. Local news stations can't be assed to get names right I guess. lol

2017-07-20 02:09:56 UTC  


2017-07-20 02:10:12 UTC  

I'll settle for prison for now

2017-07-20 02:10:20 UTC  

So she goes by Yvette, but apparently her name actually is Yvonne.

2017-07-20 02:10:24 UTC  

I actually did not know that.

2017-07-20 02:10:53 UTC  

She deserves worse. Fucking 8th grade teacher.

2017-07-20 02:11:30 UTC  

Can you imagine being an oblivious parent, and finding out through this news story that this thing taught your children?

2017-07-20 02:11:54 UTC  

I mean it's San Francisco, so maybe they know and don't care. But I'd be P I S S E D

2017-07-20 02:13:18 UTC  


2017-07-20 02:13:37 UTC  

Saw her on Tucker months ago, absolutely psychotic

2017-07-20 02:53:47 UTC  

Any of you want a recipe to my easy cheesy baked potato?

2017-07-20 03:09:51 UTC  
2017-07-20 03:11:24 UTC  

I just want to take a second to tell you about my easy cheesy baked potato...

2017-07-20 03:32:38 UTC

2017-07-20 03:32:45 UTC  

As long as they're soy free

2017-07-20 03:34:17 UTC  

Definitely good news about Yvette though. I heard that Berkeley area prosecutor actually worked with BAMN previously

2017-07-20 04:59:33 UTC  

Is John McCain dead yet

2017-07-20 06:13:16 UTC  

Hey <@&321415072268419072> could you PM me with where y'all get those snazzy custom masks

2017-07-20 06:19:15 UTC  

Yes I make the masks for them

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2017-07-20 09:05:01 UTC  

@Eli Mosley I got a goy under the handle Jacob Freeman from OH who wants in here, forgot how you guys vetted or even how I got here. All I know is he was at Pikeville.

2017-07-20 10:01:12 UTC  

Try tagging both of them in <#323601101330972683>

2017-07-20 10:02:21 UTC  

@Hand Banana The shop is down temporarily.

2017-07-20 10:03:54 UTC  

Or if you mean where they are made/come from in the first place I have no clue.

2017-07-20 10:56:49 UTC  

Thats what I mean

2017-07-20 11:20:45 UTC  

Glad to be here brothers

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2017-07-20 11:27:34 UTC  

Som1 Vice or in the know will see it when they get up, if not I will ask later on.

2017-07-20 12:30:58 UTC  

God is bringing judgement on our enemies

2017-07-20 12:31:11 UTC  

do not rejoice overmuch at their deaths

2017-07-20 12:31:29 UTC  

be somber and fearful of the might of the Almighty

2017-07-20 12:32:14 UTC  

when our cause is righteous, when we resist the synagogue of satan, the angels do battle

2017-07-20 12:32:16 UTC  

live righteously