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Isn't Anticom an Anarcho-capitalist group?

2017-08-10 09:05:34 UTC  

@Arminius - VA Not at all, we are a big tent group that allows anyone who is anti-commie in. However, we are mostly fashy at this point. We just share the colors with the ancaps.

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I've heard my state's anticom is pretty libertarian

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@Fevs Idk about that, but just about everyone in Texas Anti-Com is fashy.

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And that whole tranny controversy made you guys look pretty bad haha

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Glad to see that was cleared up though

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For sure, they got shoahed totally

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It really is a different organization

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Cantwell started off as a libertarian who was anti communist, and now he's giving speeches at WN rallies and talking about throwing people out of helicopters 🤷

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I think a ton of us started off as libertarians

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I'm still a racist libertstian and that will never change

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We'll see 👌🏻

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That doesn't mean I don't call for the complete annihilation of all nonwhites and jews

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Libertarians exto posting is funny to me

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well off for a 15 hr drive...

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Are you in CVille nigga?

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Though the terms as we understand them didn't then exist, the government established under the Constitution of these United States, as originally written and intended, represented the fusion of Libertarianism and Racial Nationalism.

Point blank: "to ourselves and our posterity".

The first law governing immigration restricted the opportunity to come here to "free White men of good character".

It's only natural, then, that we Americans tend to arrive on the identitarian Right via Libertarianism. There is something of the nation's founding spirit that has, despite the efforts of (((the enemy))), leaked through to us uncorrupted.

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@Ignis Faatus of course it goes without saying, after all Alc Right Rises is the #1 exterminationist podcast on TRS, true?

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@everyone start hydrating today

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Very true! It takes a couple of days of drinking lots of water to actually get hydrated

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I only drink Jew tears.

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Well load up on Jew tears then.

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Many of us still are "Libertarian" in the Austrian sense but we realize none of that matters without a white nation. These are things that only white European males give two shits about.

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Already there sister.

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> implying I'm not already hydrated.

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If you aren't pissing clear you are doing something wrong

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Stay thirsty my friends.

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👆 <:SonneradFlagFinal:344563095940628490> <:jude:321787268312465418> <:jew:322161858364571648> 🚁

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>not drinking a gallon of water a day

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what kind of hydrate?

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I say we email Bellamy's tweets to CVille and start hash tagging #CVilleIsAntiWhite and create a shit storm to get our permit back

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That isn't Yuengling