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2017-08-10 03:13:21 UTC  

Why no paking? All are packing/driving I think

2017-08-10 03:13:31 UTC  

I'm on a break from packing

2017-08-10 03:15:07 UTC  

What did our jew lawyers accomplish today re the permit?

2017-08-10 03:16:37 UTC  

Ima check Daily Stormer - back later

2017-08-10 03:35:59 UTC  

See you goys there i am on the way

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2017-08-10 03:41:30 UTC  

fucking GROSS\

2017-08-10 03:41:34 UTC  

fuck this city

2017-08-10 03:42:03 UTC  

I don't recognize the pattern.

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2017-08-10 03:43:19 UTC  

It's Fashwave guys

2017-08-10 03:43:42 UTC  

Robert E Lee fashwave is artful

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2017-08-10 03:45:13 UTC  

Nice projection

2017-08-10 03:45:48 UTC  

No response

2017-08-10 04:10:03 UTC

2017-08-10 04:10:48 UTC

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*All around me are familiar faces*

2017-08-10 04:15:00 UTC  

See? Narrative collapse! The attempt to deny us our civil rights had nothing to do with our presence or message on the merits, and everything to do with there being a full-on "kill Whitey" Negro in a seat of power - and at the right hand of a Jew. That's the simple message to our "non-racial" White brothers: battle lines are being drawn whether you like it or not, and you don't get to choose whether someone else considers you a target/enemy.

2017-08-10 04:22:53 UTC  

Gawd, I can't even say out loud at work that I voted for Trump. Jesus

2017-08-10 04:23:41 UTC  

It's tough hiding the power level when it's bursting at the seams

2017-08-10 04:24:23 UTC  

Ya know, my ancestors in Georgia did own slaves. I'm not sorry and I hope if they one as bad as that guy that they put him in his place.

2017-08-10 04:24:52 UTC  

I'm only sorry they allowed them to get loose and breed in the wild

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2017-08-10 06:01:54 UTC  

@Trixie Dixie what organization are you a part of?

2017-08-10 06:18:51 UTC  

Anticom and a few other miscellaneous groups

2017-08-10 06:18:55 UTC  
2017-08-10 08:34:04 UTC  

Isn't Anticom an Anarcho-capitalist group?

2017-08-10 09:05:34 UTC  

@Arminius - VA Not at all, we are a big tent group that allows anyone who is anti-commie in. However, we are mostly fashy at this point. We just share the colors with the ancaps.

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2017-08-10 09:12:10 UTC  

I've heard my state's anticom is pretty libertarian

2017-08-10 09:14:03 UTC  

@Fevs Idk about that, but just about everyone in Texas Anti-Com is fashy.

2017-08-10 09:14:56 UTC  

And that whole tranny controversy made you guys look pretty bad haha

2017-08-10 09:15:03 UTC  

Glad to see that was cleared up though

2017-08-10 09:16:53 UTC  

For sure, they got shoahed totally

2017-08-10 09:17:22 UTC  

It really is a different organization