Message from Volgaryan in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-08-12 18:11:52 UTC  

They're playing it rn

2017-08-12 18:11:59 UTC  

So rewind like 30 seconds if you need too

2017-08-12 18:12:02 UTC  

Glad to see protecting those faggots has worked out so well for Charlottesville's finest.

2017-08-12 18:13:22 UTC  

Remember guys, the media is going to keep spinning and spinning the events of today. It's up to us to tell the truth. And we're all still here. We're going to keep doing this.

2017-08-12 18:13:31 UTC  

State Police was perfectly friendly and cooperative and appreciative.

2017-08-12 18:15:02 UTC  

State police arriving at McIntyre park now

2017-08-12 18:15:42 UTC  

Guys were missing a man named Troy

2017-08-12 18:15:47 UTC  

Anyone hear from him?

2017-08-12 18:16:01 UTC  

Is he in here?

2017-08-12 18:16:14 UTC  

He's in Vanguard

2017-08-12 18:18:31 UTC  

Can we get an announcement from the leadership already???

2017-08-12 18:18:37 UTC  

Unconfirmed reports say this is a pic of the driver.

2017-08-12 18:19:03 UTC  

We need an announcement guys!!!

2017-08-12 18:19:18 UTC  

Wow. Man I hope that wasn't one of our guys . Couldn't have been.

2017-08-12 18:20:10 UTC  

If their is a plan to extract our people from the park we have 15 guys we can send. What's it like down there right now?

2017-08-12 18:25:33 UTC  

They're blaming David Duke for violence. They're calling for his arrest!

2017-08-12 18:26:53 UTC  
2017-08-12 18:27:42 UTC  

It was a pleasure meeting everyone and being part of something big

2017-08-12 18:28:20 UTC  

What does Duke have to do with this?

2017-08-12 18:28:56 UTC  

We've lost two guys who don't have cell phones. If you meet Chris or Vincent from Montreal notify us of their location

2017-08-12 18:31:17 UTC  

It was a fucking black chick who rammed the car into Antifa lulz

2017-08-12 18:32:18 UTC  

I fucking hope so

2017-08-12 18:33:05 UTC  


2017-08-12 18:33:34 UTC  

From what I am hearing, someone threw a rock at the car and it turned around and rammed into the crowd

2017-08-12 18:34:17 UTC  

So, who's winning :^)

2017-08-12 18:35:16 UTC  

please let that be real

2017-08-12 18:35:37 UTC  

that really is the worst thing that happened and if that was done by a nog then its a huge relief

2017-08-12 18:36:01 UTC  

(the worst thing optics wise)

2017-08-12 18:36:09 UTC  

Whole thing was a set up, that's obvious from the barricade arrangment, I was on front lines. Police were not on our side.

2017-08-12 18:36:12 UTC  


2017-08-12 18:36:28 UTC  

Saw the video

2017-08-12 18:36:31 UTC  

its pretty fuckin pathetic how the MSM is spinning this

2017-08-12 18:36:34 UTC  

cant say im surprised

2017-08-12 18:36:37 UTC  

@Daniel - KY because the event was poorly managed and run by shills

2017-08-12 18:36:41 UTC  

"African American woman so terrified of murderous nazis during Charlottesville invasion that she had a seizure while driving and lost control of the vehicle, bumping into bystanders"

2017-08-12 18:36:50 UTC  


2017-08-12 18:36:52 UTC  

Can confirm it was a nigger, not us

2017-08-12 18:36:55 UTC  

Sauce plz?

2017-08-12 18:37:26 UTC  
2017-08-12 18:39:48 UTC  

I think we need to have an honest conversation about what happened at the rally

2017-08-12 18:40:23 UTC  

And if we can't be honest about it then I don't know where we go from here.