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2017-08-10 20:43:48 UTC  

Thanks @Tyrone

2017-08-10 20:45:12 UTC  

@WV1987 @Blitz-WV You guys getting there sat?

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2017-08-10 20:47:46 UTC  

Unfortunately not I work weekends. Will have to settle for helping monitor the opposition and trying to capture hvts faces

2017-08-10 20:48:43 UTC  

ahh lame. was going to say we should meet up at some point. me and couple other locals are going but only saturday.

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2017-08-10 21:36:46 UTC  

Is anyone else having problems connecting to Discord?

2017-08-10 21:39:17 UTC  

Actually yes

2017-08-10 21:39:36 UTC  

I don't even know how one can be this out of touch

2017-08-10 21:40:27 UTC  

BLM fascists

2017-08-10 21:40:44 UTC  

Stewart has his heart in the right place though

2017-08-10 21:40:45 UTC  

Fucking based!

2017-08-10 21:42:17 UTC  

He said we are patriotic americans.🇺🇸

2017-08-10 21:43:39 UTC  

Get in this group and raid Cville republicucks shittalking Kessler and the rally:

2017-08-10 21:51:03 UTC  

@Rhodesiannaire - OH my discord wouldn't connect either .....

2017-08-10 21:55:36 UTC  

@Goldstein Riots That's mega-boomer tier

2017-08-10 21:59:52 UTC  

@Tyrone How many levels of boomer are you on?

2017-08-10 22:09:02 UTC

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Google forgot to change emancipation.

2017-08-10 22:16:41 UTC  

literal clown world lmao

2017-08-10 22:17:18 UTC  

if you are next to a tuba pour water into it

2017-08-10 22:17:23 UTC  

I hate clown world

2017-08-10 22:17:54 UTC  

I played to tuba in band lol

2017-08-10 22:20:38 UTC  

>Despite the City’s claim that Emancipation Park could not safely accommodate a crowd of thousands, the Park has historically been the site of many gatherings over the years with crowds of several thousands, including the Cville Pride Festival

2017-08-10 22:20:41 UTC  

Fuck yes

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2017-08-10 22:20:49 UTC  

they are fucked

2017-08-10 22:21:04 UTC  

get fucked, kikes

2017-08-10 22:21:07 UTC  

cross your fingers this is as fast as auburn

2017-08-10 22:21:14 UTC  

local judges CAN drag their heels

2017-08-10 22:22:03 UTC  

Could we not take this to federal court? Or is it because Auburn was a state university or something?

2017-08-10 22:23:59 UTC  

>local judges drag heels
>we hold rally at Lee Park anyway
>Jason wins multi-million dollar lawsuit after the fact
>becomes the alt-right's top irl shitdisturber nationwide

2017-08-10 22:28:17 UTC  

Either way. Even if they don't reinstate we are going . Then we they can sue after the rally . So really we will win twice.

2017-08-10 22:28:53 UTC  

Then air bnb and businesses will get sued lol

2017-08-10 22:29:22 UTC  

Alt right it about to get funding on a huge level.

2017-08-10 22:30:05 UTC  

You never know.

2017-08-10 22:30:35 UTC  

Maybe we can all claim that not having porta potties at the rally was like another Holocaust.