Message from Hand Banana in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-07-13 18:12:38 UTC  

I will use every tool at my disposal to help us destroy the Jewish media and preserve the future of our people

2017-07-13 18:13:06 UTC  

@AltCelt(IL) That's a great idea.

2017-07-13 18:13:09 UTC  

The Warlock's provided an imposing image of strength to our enemies in the Jew media. They served our people well that day

2017-07-13 18:13:56 UTC  

We have so many issues basic bitch republicans agree with us on so much more than D.C. Republicans. We need to outreach to them

2017-07-13 18:14:47 UTC  

They aren't going to show in the streets but they will stop counter signaling when they realize we are the only ones who care about their grandkids.

2017-07-13 18:15:38 UTC  

And even if we don't change a single mind... the public speaking and confidence from delivering our ideas is always good.

2017-07-13 18:16:23 UTC  

In my area it's not the bikers selling all the meth

2017-07-13 18:17:08 UTC  

I've grown up around biker gangs and they've been some of the most anti drug people

2017-07-13 18:17:19 UTC  

I'll have to research families who have had addicts pass away, or people who recovered. Try and have some people speak.

2017-07-13 18:18:13 UTC  

Should we set up a preemptive legal defense fund for people on our side to use after August 12th?

2017-07-13 18:19:43 UTC  

Probably a discussion best had amongst coordinators and legal specialists (as opposed to general attendees, in written form, on the general Discord server).

2017-07-13 19:24:05 UTC  

SURJ and Antifa are currently raising thousands of dollars for their side to use as they see fit

2017-07-13 19:58:27 UTC  

Wouldn't want that

2017-07-13 19:58:38 UTC  

We can all agree we need money for legal purposes. We don't have to agree on why we put that together, if we can put someone trustworthy in charge of it to be used appropriately.

2017-07-13 19:58:49 UTC  

But you're right, there's a better place to discuss that.

2017-07-13 20:02:37 UTC  

Well that was fun

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2017-07-13 20:07:48 UTC  

At least we found out Wyatt is most likely an old Jewish cat lady.

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2017-07-13 20:37:00 UTC  

ppl get mad sometimes when you whip out basic critical thinking skills and pragmatism

2017-07-13 20:37:18 UTC  

not a big deal its over

2017-07-13 21:10:55 UTC  

If its over why are you being a smarmy cunt

2017-07-13 21:14:39 UTC  

because you literally asked

2017-07-13 21:22:10 UTC  

@wyatt you remind me of a certain ethnic group I'm not too fond of...

2017-07-13 21:23:31 UTC  

>if you say something i dont like your a jew

2017-07-13 21:25:59 UTC  

Nah acting like a Jew makes you a Jew fam 👌🏻

2017-07-13 21:26:18 UTC  

🤷🏻‍♂️kikes gonna kike

2017-07-13 21:27:28 UTC  

Honestly I'm just bantzing you. It's not really that big of a deal to me. I do see some of your points but I still reserve my right to disagree. You're not a Jew, probably like a potato nigger or something

2017-07-13 22:15:17 UTC  

Or just a worried cat lady.

2017-07-13 22:15:25 UTC  


2017-07-13 23:21:14 UTC  

so there seems to be a lot of people in here, is everyone here going or planning on going?

2017-07-13 23:21:27 UTC  

gonna be some awesome shit

2017-07-13 23:21:43 UTC  

Who are you

2017-07-13 23:22:08 UTC  

Jason Hi, how are you

2017-07-13 23:22:18 UTC  

I'm on DS / TRS / Etc

2017-07-13 23:22:27 UTC  

Book Clubs are awesome

2017-07-13 23:25:39 UTC  

got a invite from tscags88 hoping to make the journey down with everyone from my area atleast, carpooling wil definitely be helpful

2017-07-13 23:26:18 UTC  

I'm up in Rhode Island

2017-07-13 23:26:44 UTC