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What do we do if Belemy shows u0

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we can say niggers on this discord?? winning i was worried.

2017-07-11 18:10:36 UTC  

antifa will prob smash his nigger ass for not supporting BLM directly and we take pictures/video

2017-07-11 18:11:09 UTC  

If Bellamy shows up we talk shit and try to trigger a chimpout

2017-07-11 18:11:22 UTC  

I want him to get arrested

2017-07-11 18:33:53 UTC  

Nov last year

Hey goys, Wyatt let me in and told me to give you a short bio. I'm bringing around 10 to 14 people to this thing from Canada. I was at NPI Nov 2016 and TRStlemania (the only Canuck there, 88showers and @Phoenix- GA will remember me, was wearing that Moonman bomber jacket, you can hear me giving a shout out to Montreal in the live Daily Shoah).

I've worked with Zeiger from DailyStormer on Alt-Right projects including postering campaigns:

Slug2_ can confirm that I've organized the whole Alt-Right Canada event that's taking place in two weeks with Jared Taylor among the guests (drop me a line if you're interest, it's in Ontario).
Here's my TRS forum profile, been on for over a year, pretty active:
I run the local bad goy group in my city, we're about 40 strong. We recently organized this speaker Dr Ricardo Duchesne, to speak about the effects of multiculturalism on Canada's european identity:

Here's a list of podcasts I've appeared in:

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omg a wild weev appears

2017-07-11 19:29:55 UTC  

Can I get an invite for the official anticom delegate?

2017-07-11 19:54:16 UTC  

@James_Coney - LA sending it now

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Amren borther

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Hey @MadDimension Stevonn Harris and the 30City African National Socialists were wondering if they could bring weed

2017-07-11 20:46:04 UTC  

Marijuana is degenerate

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Yeah but it's the only way to get the African NS to show up in force

2017-07-11 20:47:24 UTC  

Don't wanna be racist do you

2017-07-11 20:47:40 UTC  

Yes I do

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The fact of the matter is we are already going to be heavily watched for illegal activity so they can pin something on us and arrest us. don't make it easy for them.

2017-07-11 20:50:24 UTC  

Is Virginia law 420 friendly?

2017-07-11 20:50:37 UTC  

I'm just shitposting

2017-07-11 20:51:11 UTC  

I know, but it's good to ask these kind of questions anyway just so people don't fuck up

2017-07-11 20:56:25 UTC  

Closer to the event I'm going to restate some things to the listeners of the podcast telling them not tobve retards and bring masks and weed and stuff

2017-07-11 21:02:39 UTC  

Bring masks and weed. Got it.

2017-07-11 21:02:50 UTC  

Otherwise I am retarded...ok, I'll commit that to memory

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are we inviting retards...?

2017-07-11 21:24:36 UTC  

No but you have to understand that the general population of wn tier circles are just your average pro white 18-30 year old. If you take a look at the TRS radio listeners group for example there are a ton of people with like weed avatars or like college kids with photos at parties

2017-07-11 21:25:49 UTC  

Degeneracy is degenerate.

2017-07-11 21:27:46 UTC  

How are you going to be alt right and indulge in weed culture. Not just smoking but weed avatars and shit? Come on

2017-07-11 21:29:23 UTC  

Representative from Anti-Communist Action here. Nice to meet you all!

2017-07-11 21:29:29 UTC  

Looking forward to the event.

2017-07-11 21:34:32 UTC  

Well there are medicinal purposes for mary jane