Message from Hand Banana in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-06-11 20:13:22 UTC  

Hey man, nothing would make me happier than seeing huge local groups mobilizing to make it out.

2017-06-11 20:13:28 UTC  

By all means, try and show us up!

2017-06-11 20:21:30 UTC  

Local groups competing with each other is only going to make us all stronger

2017-06-11 20:32:20 UTC  


2017-06-11 20:53:09 UTC  

hello paging mitch hoob

2017-06-11 21:28:35 UTC  

Oath Cucks have not been invited to this event and obviously nothing they've done this weekend is going to change that

2017-06-11 21:29:44 UTC  

I have a few individual OKs who might break off from the organization but as a group they're not a good fit.

2017-06-11 23:42:14 UTC  

So I just talked to Corey Stewart today and explained the Charlottesville situation. He is in silent support of us. We were also laughing about the WaPo article. He's our guy.

2017-06-11 23:44:57 UTC

2017-06-11 23:45:11 UTC  

Saw this in town.

2017-06-11 23:45:52 UTC  

Let me translate:
"Feel free to rape and murder my loved ones, just please don't call me 'racist.'"

2017-06-11 23:50:03 UTC  

This was their 'community defense' march a few weekends ago 🤦🏼‍♀️

2017-06-11 23:58:29 UTC  

All the profanity in the left's propaganda and protest signs/chants speaks volumes.

2017-06-12 00:01:22 UTC  

Let's use our children to hurl profanities at strangers!

2017-06-12 00:01:29 UTC  

Parenting 101

2017-06-12 00:58:22 UTC  

Discredit their leaders and steal their followers

2017-06-12 01:01:40 UTC  

@ManWithTheHand Looks like Corey has a good shot of winning

2017-06-12 01:02:19 UTC  

If he gets in I'm going to do whatever I have to do to take down Perriello.

2017-06-12 13:06:04 UTC  

I've had a healthy psychotic hatred of Perriello since mid-08.

2017-06-12 14:20:42 UTC  

Hey goys possible bond violation here

2017-06-12 15:21:20 UTC  

Fucking mint

2017-06-12 16:03:35 UTC  

How retarded are these motherfuckers?

2017-06-12 16:06:47 UTC  

@MadDimension let me know if I can help in any way. The fate of all Virginians is in our hands.

2017-06-12 18:38:46 UTC  

Eric Clanton is on bail and back at it?

2017-06-12 18:38:49 UTC  

This faggot

2017-06-12 19:09:03 UTC  

Can someone add @Fevs#2413 to the group he was at 1.0

2017-06-12 20:18:16 UTC  

"Private" server kek

2017-06-12 20:37:34 UTC  

he was the one who was posting the march details on /pol/ before it started

2017-06-12 20:37:36 UTC  


2017-06-12 20:37:48 UTC  

Why do we have two general chats

2017-06-12 20:41:40 UTC  

So that we can respect women twice as much.

2017-06-12 21:26:21 UTC  

@Americana - MD I call dibs on burning it!

2017-06-12 21:26:40 UTC  


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2017-06-12 21:29:00 UTC  

I hope this free speech event has more alt right guys then normal ppl

2017-06-12 22:31:20 UTC  

Is there a Jewish subgroup? If so plz invite.

2017-06-12 22:38:42 UTC  

Forward bank account information to verify

2017-06-12 23:25:55 UTC  


2017-06-12 23:41:35 UTC  

where is mitch hoob

2017-06-13 00:07:16 UTC  

These tweets should tell you everything you need to know about the oathcucks. For those who don't know, TheLibertyLamp is a poor man's Daryle Jenkins.

2017-06-13 01:31:57 UTC  

What is the Intel on their leadership?