Message from Herrenvolk - MD in Charlottesville 2.0 #carpool_wanted

2017-07-28 02:29:44 UTC  

Any goys here willing to pick me up from RIC Richmand Airport ?

2017-07-28 02:29:54 UTC  

I will pay for gas

2017-07-28 02:30:49 UTC  

@wewuzvisigoths88 Possibly, when will you be there?

2017-07-28 02:31:52 UTC  

10:40 am

2017-07-28 02:32:27 UTC  


2017-07-28 02:38:42 UTC  

8/12 day of the marc

2017-07-28 02:38:44 UTC  


2017-07-28 02:50:13 UTC  

If you know anyone that can pick me up by car or motorcycle, please let me know.

2017-07-28 03:03:32 UTC  

<#321433134392672256> Goy arrving to Richmand Airport RIC on Saturday 8/12 (Day of the March) at 10:40am.
If anyone can pick me up, please inform me.
I will take care of the gas.

2017-07-28 03:32:30 UTC  

Sorry dude, can't

2017-07-28 04:38:16 UTC  

@rKKKselected No problem, thanks anyways. I gotta keep looking.

2017-07-31 14:23:13 UTC  

Flying into IAD Thurs night @10pm. Anyone headed down then or should I rent a car?

2017-08-01 00:10:48 UTC  

@here Is anybody going to be heading past Oklahoma on sunday the 13th?

2017-08-01 09:33:59 UTC  

<#321433134392672256> is there anyone capable of giving rides from Dutchess County New York?

2017-08-02 21:19:49 UTC  

Anyone coming through or near nothern ohio on their way? Need a ride

2017-08-02 21:19:54 UTC  

Can pitch in for gas money

2017-08-04 02:25:14 UTC  

anyone coming down from Baltimore area? have a League member that I believe wants to fly in there. please PM me. thank you.

2017-08-06 19:55:53 UTC  

I'm with a party of 2 flying in from Baltimore. Can anybody give us a ride on Friday and or/Sunday from either DC or Baltimore? We can chip in for gas money

2017-08-06 21:38:12 UTC  

@everyone there is still time to get a van for $30-$55 for a dozen people and save a bunch effort.

2017-08-06 21:40:42 UTC  


2017-08-06 21:40:45 UTC  


2017-08-06 21:41:24 UTC  

@Herrenvolk - MD we don't all have people dedicate to take care of us.

2017-08-06 21:48:46 UTC  

@Tyrone where from/to?

2017-08-06 21:51:19 UTC

2017-08-06 23:57:10 UTC  

@Nick Anderson - IL I'm just trying to encourage people to get a rental and fill it up from their town rather than driving their vehicle. We have this server and state regional designation for a reason

2017-08-07 00:39:59 UTC  

I'm looking for a ride up from Charleston, SC.

2017-08-07 01:22:09 UTC  

@Knights Radiant#4735 have you been in touch with our South Carolina SBC?

2017-08-07 03:19:07 UTC  


2017-08-07 03:21:32 UTC  


2017-08-07 03:45:23 UTC  

How do I do that?

2017-08-07 04:29:33 UTC  

@Knights Radiant#4735

Stormer Book Club. I just replied to you in the other thread. What group/medium brought you here?

2017-08-07 07:12:40 UTC  


2017-08-07 18:11:57 UTC  

Still need a ride out of Charleston. If anybody is going through here please contact me.

2017-08-07 23:28:49 UTC  

Looking for a ride from Maine or the surrounding areas. I could probably drive as far down as Boston if need be. Send me a message if you can help!

2017-08-07 23:36:55 UTC  

Hey I need some urgent help, I'm going to need to be picked up at the airport in Lynchburg at 6pm

2017-08-07 23:37:06 UTC  

My buddy looks to be flaking out

2017-08-07 23:37:18 UTC  

I can also give you a room at the hotel im staying at since I already booked a two bed room

2017-08-08 01:00:50 UTC  

@AshBrighton - AL I am in Chattanooga and would like to team up on Friday early enough to make the torch light vigil, prefer to leave Sunday to be able to network at Sat PM event. If that works for you lmk. Open to lodging, flexible from camping to notel to lux as situation unfolds.

2017-08-08 22:12:04 UTC  

@everyone Anyone driving from Alabama? A well known older writer, Tito Purdue, would like a ride from Montgomery. He will pay someone $100 to give him a ride to Charlottesville.

2017-08-08 22:14:46 UTC  

@Evan Thomas I'm coming from MS and we might have a seat. DM me

2017-08-08 22:21:48 UTC