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2017-07-23 18:01:23 UTC  

See, that's why I write for the world's biggest alt right website - you always have to think on these meta levels lol

2017-07-23 18:02:02 UTC  

Even when you're in a server where they give you a gay user role color.

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2017-07-23 18:06:22 UTC  

"I'm Azzmador look how important I am, that's why I cuck on bowling"

2017-07-23 18:06:28 UTC  

That's what I just read.

2017-07-23 18:06:53 UTC  

So much for raising the roof...

2017-07-23 18:16:21 UTC  

In all seriousness though that color is faggy and save the bowlposting for elsewhere. Even the DS can't handle esoteric bowlcutism and St. Roof

2017-07-23 19:35:52 UTC

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2017-07-24 14:26:58 UTC  

Jones has some really white teeth for a guy that filters all the fluoride out his water.

2017-07-24 14:51:21 UTC  

what gave you the impression that fluoride whitens teeth?

2017-07-24 14:52:20 UTC  

(((Big Dentistry)))

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2017-07-24 16:13:36 UTC  

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought there had been studies showing that topical application of fluoride products to teeth does help prevent cavities, but ingestion of fluoride has not been proven to benefit teeth, and is harmful in other ways?

2017-07-24 16:13:59 UTC  

Maybe I'm just insufficiently redpilled on fluoride though

2017-07-24 16:18:38 UTC  

No you're absolutely correct

2017-07-24 16:18:52 UTC  

This is just Jones posting

2017-07-24 16:32:24 UTC  

Yeah fluoride is incredibly deadly when consumed.

2017-07-24 21:36:54 UTC  

From yesterday

2017-07-25 00:38:11 UTC  

Fluoride works

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2017-07-25 00:41:50 UTC  

They're prob gay because of the birth control

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2017-07-25 00:42:35 UTC  

That is yet another reason why birth control is EVIL

2017-07-25 04:27:50 UTC  

Tell these thots that being on birth control doesn't protect you from white sharia space marine rape gangs

2017-07-25 06:52:42 UTC  

Birth control is the case study on why Ted Kaczynski was right

2017-07-25 15:53:41 UTC  

Anyone watch game of thrones?

2017-07-25 15:54:07 UTC

2017-07-25 15:54:18 UTC  

When you establish the patriarchy just right

2017-07-25 15:55:01 UTC  

The entire team grrrrl power just got rekt by euron. The actor says he was trying to channel donald trump in the role.

2017-07-25 15:55:22 UTC  

Euron is badass especially in the books

2017-07-25 15:56:18 UTC  

I love his tv version. He literally interrupted a lesbian sex scene to kill several insufferable feminists and has surely resigned those he has captured to torture by the lannisters

2017-07-25 15:57:10 UTC  

I'm full stop rooting for the lannisters. Fuck daenarsbraham Lincoln and her mud army.

2017-07-25 15:57:48 UTC  

>lesbian sex scene

2017-07-25 15:58:58 UTC  

I'm not going to lie, Euron is definitely growing on me with his absolute, yet successful, insanity.

2017-07-25 15:59:36 UTC  

I've heard rumors that he became a faceless man on his travels so we will see where this goes

2017-07-25 15:59:57 UTC  

I always rooted for the Lannisters. Tywin is a genius and Jaime is an aryan warrior

2017-07-25 16:01:14 UTC  

Same with team Lannister, but I would rather see Jamie King over Cersei being queen.