Message from Trixie Dixie in Charlottesville 2.0 #ma_ct_ri

2017-06-29 15:02:00 UTC  

Im looking into IE, they have issues with 34+ years old? Im in RI everyone btw. HueTheHand another brother and I were at the DC rally

2017-06-29 15:07:39 UTC  

Great. Their message reasonated w me most at dc rally was impressed

2017-06-29 15:10:29 UTC  

You guys have irl group in ma? You know if RI does?

2017-06-29 15:11:02 UTC  

Im more of a face to face guy than phone or net issues hahaha

2017-06-29 15:16:13 UTC  

Irving gave a seminar up here?!?! Wtf how did i not hear about it?! He is a true academic and ive yet to see anyone refute his findings...

2017-06-29 15:18:15 UTC  

Good to go. Ill have to find the RI guys and have a visit

2017-06-29 15:22:03 UTC  

I would love to be able to sit at a table with him and pick his mind. One of few who have seen and translated actual source documents.

2017-06-30 21:53:24 UTC  

We are thinking of renting a 15 pack van to come down from RI any one interested in chilling in @DinoCon

2017-07-01 02:58:56 UTC  

@HueTheHand Absolutely!

2017-07-01 07:12:44 UTC  

I just need to know how much I'd need to contribute

2017-07-01 08:25:22 UTC  

Still working on that we are trying to get a go fund me going to take up some of the cost

2017-07-11 00:11:22 UTC  

What is the situation regarding Air B&B? Will we be sharing a place(s)? Going to be honest, I've never used it before, so I'm curious.

2017-07-11 01:31:04 UTC  


2017-07-11 01:31:20 UTC  

It's a C not a K... don't allow her to german larp

2017-07-12 00:44:39 UTC  

Sorry haven't been paying much attention to this discord, good to see it's picked up

2017-07-17 22:00:12 UTC  

So we got anyone planning transportation for our area yet?

2017-07-18 03:05:18 UTC  

im takin a plane

2017-07-21 18:53:00 UTC  

Jtlowe if you are still in i have a sw ct guy who can drive

2017-07-21 18:53:22 UTC  

He has three spots in his vehicle

2017-07-21 19:36:28 UTC  

Is anyone driving from Massachusetts? I'd like to go to this but plane tickets are wicked expensive right now for me.

2017-07-21 19:36:51 UTC  


2017-07-21 19:40:58 UTC  

Also, guys, don't forget about the Boston rally happening a week after. I'm planning on going to both if I can 😃

2017-07-21 19:41:13 UTC

2017-07-21 19:41:16 UTC  

This one

2017-07-24 06:59:35 UTC  

@tscags88 yea definitely still in

2017-07-24 12:39:35 UTC  

@jtlowe83 great ill dm you today

2017-07-24 13:58:33 UTC  

boston is cucked shit though

2017-07-24 13:58:36 UTC  

no funs allowed

2017-07-26 05:01:44 UTC  

Definitely wanna go to that.

2017-07-27 00:23:11 UTC
For cville NE logistics and private cville discussions. Invite is good for 1 day

2017-08-01 02:31:47 UTC  

Anyone who wants, bring a flag from your state (Mass, Connecticut or Rhode Island). Florida plans to bring our flag and it would be cool to see how all the states that are represented

2017-08-01 03:31:38 UTC  

Tbh the northeast don't have anything to be proud of. If any flag is flown it should be Old Betsy since we're the original colonies. But it'll be lost on most lemmings.

2017-08-01 03:34:19 UTC  

What about the old Nation of RI flag

2017-08-01 03:34:34 UTC  

Back wen RI was cool

2017-08-01 03:35:40 UTC  

It was like the RI state flag but it had 13 stars on a blue field on the top right corner it's about 20 years older then the first US flag

2017-08-01 03:38:23 UTC

2017-08-01 03:38:28 UTC

2017-08-01 03:57:31 UTC  

Nothing wrong with that. Some of the Southern states want to bring their Confederate state flags

2017-08-01 23:07:12 UTC  

god dammit,

2017-08-01 23:07:21 UTC  

fucking 13 every god damn time

2017-08-01 23:07:35 UTC  

there is no way this Country wasn't started as a Masonic Experiment