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2019-07-12 04:07:00 UTC  

for some reason the conspiracy theorist community really hates 5g

2019-07-12 04:07:09 UTC  

Intel is working on a 49 and 17 qubits processor

2019-07-12 04:07:10 UTC  

Ty for implying 2 me I'm sometimes original @Laucivol ❤ .

2019-07-12 04:07:23 UTC  

I'll beleive it when i see it

2019-07-12 04:07:25 UTC  

We're gonna have 5g death camps

2019-07-12 04:07:35 UTC  

a design on paper isn't a working prototype

2019-07-12 04:07:36 UTC  

You are! @Grok Just not that time. I expect more of you. XD

2019-07-12 04:07:39 UTC  

they will place it in cities and it will microwave us all

2019-07-12 04:07:43 UTC  

5G fear is more related to Chinese interference than doomsayer tech-fear

2019-07-12 04:07:44 UTC  

mark my words

2019-07-12 04:08:22 UTC  

Not concerned about quantum computing just yet.

2019-07-12 04:08:22 UTC  

why would I fear 5g if a hole in my microwave can't do shit

2019-07-12 04:08:30 UTC  

anyone see Pence's interview a few weeks back saying that allowing China to install 5g in ameriica would be 'a huge security risk'?

2019-07-12 04:08:35 UTC  

@Scale_e theres a fair mix of both

2019-07-12 04:08:41 UTC  

China is making all the 5g hardware, so folks fear that China is putting back doors in it.

2019-07-12 04:08:42 UTC  

my question is: WHY?

2019-07-12 04:08:48 UTC  

Want quantum networking right now

2019-07-12 04:08:52 UTC  

i follow conspiracy theorists and 5g is basically their new monsanto

2019-07-12 04:09:10 UTC  

also, not a single telecom can get insurance for ANY 5g deployment for some mysterious reasons

2019-07-12 04:09:18 UTC  

The modern Monsanto isn't even the same company

2019-07-12 04:09:26 UTC  

everything from turbo cancer to turbo aids to turbo mega ultra autism will somehow be related to 5g

2019-07-12 04:09:31 UTC  

We’ve had American tech leaders over here in Australia basically begging us not to purchase Chinese hardware for our 5g rollout.
...and we’re like “Bruh, it’s *cheaper*.”

2019-07-12 04:09:40 UTC  

as the one who warned the us about contaminats in agent orange

2019-07-12 04:09:44 UTC  

more like behavioural issues and autism

2019-07-12 04:10:01 UTC  

radiation below thermal level DOES effect soft brain tissue

2019-07-12 04:10:02 UTC  

I feel like I should be more concerned about 5g.. but it's a speedbump at most

2019-07-12 04:10:16 UTC  

^^ i agree

2019-07-12 04:10:19 UTC  

It’s not that big a deal.

2019-07-12 04:10:23 UTC  

the real problem with 5g is that the leaders in the industry are chinese and its open to basically a monopoly. a monopoly tied to an oppressive government. other than that its perfectly fine

2019-07-12 04:10:27 UTC  

Yeah, we're irradiating the shit out of ourselfs.

2019-07-12 04:10:31 UTC  

i suspect anything that people RUSH to get out tthe door

2019-07-12 04:10:48 UTC  

I mean if people die I guess we'll know

2019-07-12 04:11:00 UTC  

it was hard enough to definately prove cigarettes were causing cancer

2019-07-12 04:11:08 UTC  

Personally, end the Chinese empire.

2019-07-12 04:11:09 UTC  

Lol were going to listen to rhyno-con pence?

2019-07-12 04:11:17 UTC  

but compared to cigarettes, proving 5g has issues is like childs play

2019-07-12 04:11:25 UTC  

too many factors/variables

2019-07-12 04:11:39 UTC  

weve had internet and wifi for so long with no actual provable bad results, literally the same thing for internet ver. 5.0

2019-07-12 04:11:48 UTC  

(Even now cigs are still mostly circumstantial evidence.)

2019-07-12 04:11:48 UTC  

Pence slipped when he said that. i thought the slip up interesting

2019-07-12 04:12:02 UTC  

most shit attributed to internet sickness is self diagnosed vague shit