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2017-07-30 03:39:37 UTC  

Partially. But essentially by being proud of it and owning it as our own.

2017-07-30 03:40:39 UTC  

If we show no shame in it, the media will attempt to chastise it, but they will run out of arguments.

2017-07-30 03:40:59 UTC  

Like they are starting to now

2017-07-30 03:41:06 UTC  


2017-07-30 03:42:01 UTC  

We are certainly winning in that aspect

2017-07-30 04:18:55 UTC

2017-07-30 04:19:25 UTC  

No love for the freikorps??

A few of us have these armbands and are painting it on our shields and helmets

2017-07-30 04:23:03 UTC  

@Stannisthemannis That's awesome

2017-07-30 06:31:57 UTC

2017-07-30 06:32:02 UTC  

Shields ready

2017-07-30 06:56:01 UTC  

@Stannisthemannis those seem short

2017-07-30 06:56:30 UTC  

2' x 2'

2017-07-30 06:57:51 UTC  

Thigh to neck dude.

2017-07-30 06:59:11 UTC  

Depends on how you intend to use it... many different shield types throughout history

2017-07-30 06:59:30 UTC  

And when crouched it covers about that

2017-07-30 07:00:49 UTC  

See Saxon shields from Hastings for example, thry were about this size and thry were famous for shield walls

2017-07-30 07:02:44 UTC  

you get more mobility with that type, but my understanding is we are looking for a more defensive posture, so a roman style shield is probably better suited.

2017-07-30 07:05:03 UTC  

There is a reason armies evolved from those to smaller shields too

2017-07-30 07:05:08 UTC

2017-07-30 07:06:37 UTC  

yeah its about mobility, and fatigue over long marches

2017-07-30 07:07:02 UTC  

On a hot sunny humid Virginia afternoon...

2017-07-30 07:08:36 UTC  

luckily we wont be moving anywhere

2017-07-30 07:10:33 UTC  


I also quick detach straps so if antifa grab it to pull me into them I can detach it quickly to avoid being sucked in

2017-07-30 07:10:41 UTC  


2017-07-30 07:11:09 UTC  

thats a good idea

2017-07-30 07:11:19 UTC  

do you have a kevlar?

2017-07-30 07:11:53 UTC  

I do

2017-07-30 07:13:22 UTC  

Also have soft body armor but won't be bringing it. Might see about getting some steel plates for a PC for the stab protection

2017-07-30 07:13:58 UTC  

Yeah I have been debating on wearing a PC, but there is coming really confrontational about it

2017-07-30 07:15:38 UTC  

I'm more worried about knives and tazers than firearms

2017-07-30 07:16:26 UTC  

hopefully the cops will do their jobs

2017-07-30 07:16:34 UTC  

and we wont have to worry about it

2017-07-30 07:17:17 UTC  

I think they will

Rural VA cops are our people

They hate the left as much as we do

2017-07-30 07:17:37 UTC  

we arent in rural va though

2017-07-30 07:17:53 UTC  

But the VSP recruits from there

2017-07-30 07:18:37 UTC  

yeah hopefully the VSP shows up in force.

2017-07-30 07:18:56 UTC  

They Btfo'd antifa few weeks ago

2017-07-30 07:21:55 UTC  

well yeah, antifa was messing with their guys

2017-07-30 07:26:45 UTC  

They will again...

2017-07-30 07:37:03 UTC  

the klan is so full of feds its not even funny

2017-07-30 14:17:47 UTC