Message from Hand Banana in Charlottesville 2.0 #mod_help

2017-06-14 23:46:30 UTC  

Can I get IE permissions plz?

2017-06-14 23:48:13 UTC  
2017-06-14 23:50:51 UTC  

Sorry to pester but could you make the Detroit Reich Wings group visible

2017-06-14 23:51:21 UTC  

@Hand Banana no, enjoy your private group.

2017-06-14 23:51:45 UTC  

@missliterallywho I'm pretty sure I have, but I'll hop on the computer in a minute and check again.

2017-06-14 23:51:46 UTC  

@Eli Mosley Please help my Detroit goys.

2017-06-14 23:52:22 UTC  

@Erika Thanks! It's not showing up on my end at the moment.

2017-06-14 23:52:51 UTC  

Not on mine either.

2017-06-14 23:53:58 UTC  

Weird. I'll check. Discord has been having glitches lately.

2017-06-14 23:54:05 UTC  

Can't see it either

2017-06-14 23:54:16 UTC  
2017-06-14 23:54:45 UTC  

@Gustavschwer-OH you're IE?

2017-06-14 23:55:02 UTC  

Im Reichwings

2017-06-14 23:55:13 UTC  

So, not IE

2017-06-14 23:56:06 UTC  


2017-06-14 23:56:27 UTC  

If I was IE would you make the Detroit group public?

2017-06-14 23:56:40 UTC  

Because if you will, I am.

2017-06-14 23:58:18 UTC  

Because only groups who will be publicly advertised are visible. Not arguing. These private channels are for organizing your groups.

2017-06-14 23:58:57 UTC  

@Erika that's pretty stupid.

2017-06-14 23:59:26 UTC  

Are there any other groups that aren't currently distinguished?

2017-06-14 23:59:53 UTC  

I haven't seen the Beltway Bigots being publicly advertised

2017-06-14 23:59:59 UTC  


2017-06-15 00:00:12 UTC  

That's a great name by the way^

2017-06-15 00:00:45 UTC  

They sent the most people out of any single state in the US to Charlottesville 1.

2017-06-15 00:01:03 UTC  

We're not advertising anything with the name "bigot" or "Reich" in the title. This isn't up for debate.

2017-06-15 00:01:30 UTC  

But they can have a public channel and we can't?

2017-06-15 00:01:43 UTC  

But they aren't being advertised?

2017-06-15 00:02:51 UTC  

Sounds kind of personal to me...

2017-06-15 00:05:16 UTC  

@Erika pls respond

2017-06-15 00:08:41 UTC  

Jason said he gave you guys a channel.

2017-06-15 00:09:52 UTC  

Thanks @Erika

2017-06-15 00:29:36 UTC  

whoa, Beltway Bigots needs to share a color with Detroit Reich Wings?

2017-06-15 00:29:57 UTC  

@Hand Banana what's up with this?

2017-06-15 00:32:37 UTC  

Haha thanks

2017-06-15 00:34:42 UTC  

>Not 255/0/0

2017-06-15 00:34:51 UTC  

What type of red wings are you goys.

2017-06-15 00:35:14 UTC  

Detroit Beige Wings

2017-06-15 01:00:30 UTC  

What is it you Detroit guys need? Is everyone that wants to be in the group in it?

2017-06-15 01:05:51 UTC  

They want to be distinguished as a group, just like all of the others.

2017-06-15 01:12:33 UTC  

they are. they have their own role, color, and channel.

2017-06-15 02:08:17 UTC  

Thanks @MadDimension you da real MVP