Message from I'm Not Sam Hyde in Charlottesville 2.0 #safety_planning

2017-07-15 01:54:47 UTC  

@Ayla Don't insult Kool Aid

2017-07-15 01:54:52 UTC  

I think we have enough ex pipe hitting, hard charging, door kickers to make black twitter a non-issue.

2017-07-15 01:54:53 UTC  

I like Kool Aid

2017-07-15 01:55:00 UTC  

Was it purple kool aid?

2017-07-15 01:55:27 UTC  

No, it wasn't purple 😂😂😂

2017-07-15 01:55:59 UTC  

(We should probably take this to general before we get in trouble for clogging up the safety channel)

2017-07-15 02:17:52 UTC  

@Ayla there will be a shuttle system to and from the park

2017-07-15 02:57:35 UTC  

@Ayla @Athena Marie I'll be working out a plan to have a designated shuttle for the women who attend the rally standing by incase things get a little crazy. Don't worry.

2017-07-15 02:58:18 UTC  

Ok, sounds perfect!

2017-07-16 10:57:47 UTC  

@Erika my grl is bringing first aid stuff but she needs to know what to get. hit up Lurlina please or drop a text/pdf in the chat? She will pm once she can but has to sleep and work ATM and I have to get the stuff ahead of time or any supplies needed.

2017-07-16 10:59:04 UTC  

Water/Bandages/Tape obviously on list. Also any females who are actually attending the main rally without pepper spray pm her and we will bring some for you.

2017-07-16 17:40:10 UTC  

Do you guys need any non-shield oriented security?

2017-07-16 17:41:23 UTC  

Vanguard TX will bring our shields. We have about 10

2017-07-16 17:45:36 UTC  

We will need plain clothes spotters on the street corners advising us on any antifa shenanigans.

2017-07-16 17:46:17 UTC  

@RCO Nick-TX That's fantastic! We will be putting out a video shortly on the tactics and commands we will be using for our guys.

2017-07-16 17:47:24 UTC  

I will say this @Americana - MD is prior service like a bunch of us in VA are and he can be really helpful

2017-07-16 17:50:37 UTC  

@Heinz - MI looks like we have some more. Around 15. We will bring them all

2017-07-16 17:55:38 UTC  

That will be great. Right now the biggest priority is getting people for the shield wall.

2017-07-16 17:57:15 UTC  

We will have plenty of young fit motivated men from VA ready and willing.

2017-07-16 17:57:41 UTC

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2017-07-16 18:00:31 UTC  

That looks great

2017-07-16 18:00:53 UTC  

The more people we get, the more effective we will become.

2017-07-16 18:01:41 UTC  


2017-07-16 18:02:37 UTC  

Tfw no shield

2017-07-16 18:02:56 UTC  

But feel as though I could be more combat effective without

2017-07-16 18:04:26 UTC  

You could always make one. We will also need someone to organize groups of people to fill in gaps where they may form and get people to cover flanks.

2017-07-16 18:07:52 UTC  

@Americana - MD Were bringing 15. Give Phil some lead time and he can make more and leave them with your guys.

2017-07-16 18:08:04 UTC  

That would be awesome

2017-07-16 18:09:45 UTC  

I'll talk to him.

2017-07-16 20:54:16 UTC  

I would like to volunteer myself and 2 others for any security needed. We are military and security experienced. Ill be bringing a shield as well. Let me know if needed and whatnot so we can plan accordingly.

2017-07-16 22:43:29 UTC  
2017-07-17 19:06:45 UTC  

What's realistically the worst case scenario in terms of violence for this event? A battle of Berkeley type situation? I'm just thinking that this is the first time that the crazies have an opportunity to target all of us (or at least a big number of us) in one place. I'm not as concerned about Antifa as a group, but more about the potential for one "lone wolf" to show up there with a gun.

2017-07-17 19:51:09 UTC  

A couple goys and I will be escorting Pax to and from the event. Anything we should know? We have a Chevy Tahoe and plan on parking and walking in.

2017-07-17 20:14:24 UTC  

@Heinz - MI is in charge of general security. Have you guys done PSD work before?

2017-07-17 20:54:27 UTC  

Some have. I'll shoot him a message

2017-07-17 23:29:01 UTC  

Who is in charge of S-4?

2017-07-18 19:44:24 UTC  


2017-07-18 20:59:07 UTC  

@Heinz - MI considering your name, I've a little disappointed that you guys aren't bringing panzers...

2017-07-18 21:14:28 UTC  

Wait... is no panzers a rule? Or just like.. a suggestion?

2017-07-19 00:00:16 UTC  

I am pro-Panzer