Message from Stormer DC in Charlottesville 2.0 #beltway_bigots

2017-06-22 17:30:28 UTC  

They can't keep their story straight. On one hand they say the proud boys are "the militant arm of the Alt Right" and on the other hand they say "9th grade locker room is more manly". Well which is it? LoL

2017-06-22 17:31:55 UTC  

They are a band of 9th grade pussies that protect the alt right with polos and beer mugs

2017-06-22 21:23:19 UTC  

Tell Mike I'll fight his bitch ass tbh

2017-06-22 21:24:14 UTC  

I agree that proud boys are pretty beta, however I still want to fight him and the nigger that works with him

2017-06-22 23:57:28 UTC  

I'm pissed that Cernovich co-opted Corey Stewart for his anti alt-right rally on Sunday but I guess there's nothing to do about it but put on a better show than they do.

2017-06-22 23:58:38 UTC  

My brother is trying to talk to his campaign about it

2017-06-23 00:02:43 UTC  

should confront cernovich about the manchester money

2017-06-23 00:06:43 UTC  

the "new right" is a parasitic movement piggy backing on the coattails of the alt right.

2017-06-23 00:09:27 UTC  

It's disgusting really.

2017-06-23 00:10:07 UTC  

We need to get this kid in Beltway Bigots. He''s been going hard recently

2017-06-23 00:20:34 UTC  

Lol, is he even on discord?

2017-06-23 01:48:28 UTC  


2017-06-23 20:16:13 UTC  

Hey goys, I'm planning on taking the metro to the Sunday event. Is anyone trying to roll in as a group?

2017-06-23 20:19:30 UTC  
2017-06-23 20:26:29 UTC  

@Hardrada are you on the June 25th server?

2017-06-23 20:34:42 UTC  

No, could you send me the link.

2017-06-29 17:32:13 UTC  

@MadDimension lucky for you we have recently acquired a bunch of pride flags

2017-06-29 18:05:30 UTC  


2017-06-29 18:55:14 UTC  


2017-06-29 21:28:09 UTC  
2017-06-29 21:32:36 UTC  


2017-06-29 21:35:10 UTC  

@Tyrone fuck you nigga

2017-06-29 21:35:53 UTC

2017-06-30 22:38:52 UTC  
2017-06-30 22:39:53 UTC  

I think we're going to work on doing a national thing for Pride month next year where we encourage normies to burn the Pride flag and film it like the Ice Bucket Challenge

2017-06-30 22:41:31 UTC  


2017-07-01 00:54:56 UTC  

@MadDimension That's an A+ idea.

2017-07-04 04:59:11 UTC

2017-07-11 03:30:15 UTC  

I want to move to Virginia lads

2017-07-11 03:30:44 UTC  

Va>all other states

2017-07-11 03:32:21 UTC  


2017-07-11 03:32:25 UTC  


2017-07-11 03:32:42 UTC  

Stormer barracks when?

2017-07-11 03:33:11 UTC  

You know even if it's just like 10 of us cooking out I think we should still do it

2017-07-11 03:33:43 UTC  

oh yeah, that bbq idea needs to happen

2017-07-11 03:34:00 UTC  

We will reincarnate the spirit of Rockwell

2017-07-11 04:09:21 UTC  


2017-07-13 03:08:51 UTC  

@everyone This is the official server for the George Lincoln Rockwell memorial event in Arlington Virginia. On August 25th, it will have been 50 years since his assassination.

Join the server if you would like to be a part of this monumentous occasion.