Message from The Don GA in Southern Front #general

2017-07-13 17:21:54 UTC  

Oh cool

2017-07-13 17:22:04 UTC  

I got it all planned out

2017-07-13 17:23:10 UTC  

>instead of butchering fags...

2017-07-13 17:23:33 UTC  

Woodchipper dodgers!

2017-07-13 17:23:54 UTC  

Flaming fag drag when?

2017-07-13 17:31:05 UTC  

Frag grenades for fag parades

2017-07-13 17:31:32 UTC

2017-07-13 17:57:40 UTC

2017-07-13 18:00:48 UTC

2017-07-13 18:08:40 UTC  

Might have to poster this by that crosswalk in Atlanta

2017-07-13 18:08:53 UTC  

Go for it

2017-07-13 18:11:33 UTC  

Nobody is going to read that

2017-07-13 18:12:03 UTC  

Just a huge block of text

2017-07-13 18:12:59 UTC  

Let's test it out and see what happens

2017-07-13 18:13:53 UTC  

Use the stats but not the smaller text maybe?

2017-07-13 18:16:01 UTC  

That did extremely well and was quite literally just a block of text. Our is much more condensed, and the first thing people see is a rainbow and "78% HAVE STDS"

2017-07-13 18:16:05 UTC  

I test them out on Saturday

2017-07-13 18:16:11 UTC  

What do you think is the most suitable poster to place at my towns civic center? niggers go there to play basketball, white families and white athletes and shit go there to lift/swim etc

2017-07-13 18:16:19 UTC  

Put some out around gay churches

2017-07-13 18:16:43 UTC  

Potential hate crime charge there....

2017-07-13 18:17:02 UTC  

Yeah there are no cameras and I go at night for the whites to see in the morning

2017-07-13 18:17:13 UTC  

I've already scoped the place out

2017-07-13 18:17:50 UTC  

@The Don GA not on the building around it

2017-07-13 18:17:54 UTC  

Also I know lots of gays have STDs but is it seriously god damn 78%? what's that number from

2017-07-13 18:18:04 UTC

2017-07-13 18:18:12 UTC  

Use stats, but make it propaganda

2017-07-13 18:19:37 UTC  

Maybe a poster saying "Suicide by Sodomy" and list ways that being a fag is harmful

2017-07-13 18:21:16 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan Those need to go up on 5th street in ATX.

2017-07-13 18:22:38 UTC  

@Chris7577TX Make it happen after the banner drop

2017-07-13 18:23:16 UTC  

Yeah those are some high as fuck numbers too, 1000 or more partners lol

2017-07-13 18:23:17 UTC  

I'm not doing the banner drop. Gotta help my sister move.

2017-07-13 18:23:29 UTC  

Oh, well put some up in Dallas with the DFW goys

2017-07-13 18:25:05 UTC  


2017-07-13 22:57:32 UTC

2017-07-13 22:57:55 UTC  

Found this piece of work today.

2017-07-13 22:58:13 UTC  

Count how many levels of disgust you get to.

2017-07-13 22:58:41 UTC  


2017-07-13 22:58:45 UTC  

>Kekistan flag