Message from Nathan TX in Southern Front #general

2017-08-12 05:37:24 UTC  

Holy shit

2017-08-12 05:39:09 UTC

2017-08-12 05:39:38 UTC  

@Mooch TX Got some great footage of the event. Look forward to it, y'all.

2017-08-12 05:39:56 UTC  

Really wish I was there

2017-08-12 11:08:31 UTC  

I fell asleep before the action began but my hat is off to all the boys who are out there doing this for us next time all of <@&327489067526651905> will make it and in force

2017-08-12 12:37:39 UTC  

Be safe today guys. ❤

2017-08-12 13:24:05 UTC  

Good morning, everyone. Be safe today in Charlottesville.

2017-08-12 13:46:14 UTC  

morning everyone, i was really proud watching our guys storm cville last night and flying our flag.. great optics

2017-08-12 13:48:07 UTC  


2017-08-12 13:48:55 UTC  

Blood and Soil

2017-08-12 14:50:20 UTC  

Damn good to see us all together wish I could see it in petson

2017-08-12 14:50:28 UTC  


2017-08-12 14:59:09 UTC  

I'm proud to be VanAm everyday but this weekend especially

2017-08-12 15:19:25 UTC  

Every major news channel is live with Cville.

2017-08-12 15:39:41 UTC  


2017-08-12 15:48:37 UTC  

I'm calling their bluff

2017-08-12 15:50:19 UTC  

I'm talking about the dox

2017-08-12 15:51:17 UTC  

Fox where you getting the news updates?

2017-08-12 15:51:20 UTC  

Hacking the website is one thing but finding a database of users is another thing

2017-08-12 15:51:21 UTC  

I wanna keep up too

2017-08-12 15:51:38 UTC  

Tbh when you doxx that many people at once wouldn't it lose its effect

2017-08-12 15:52:27 UTC  

Oh man that's a bad one

2017-08-12 15:52:47 UTC  

This is so childish

2017-08-12 15:52:59 UTC  

They sound like a petulant child

2017-08-12 15:53:59 UTC  

Most anonymous are antifa types I would say

2017-08-12 15:54:07 UTC  


2017-08-12 15:55:45 UTC  

Ok imma watch it

2017-08-12 15:57:16 UTC  

Antifa is trying to start fights it looks like

2017-08-12 15:58:48 UTC  

According to a guy in the Bowl cut server the police declared it an unlawful assembly on this stream

2017-08-12 16:00:15 UTC  

There's nothing they can do to stop the awakening of our people. They're scared. And they should be.

2017-08-12 16:00:32 UTC  

These white cowards and traitors on the left need to be purged.

2017-08-12 16:05:21 UTC  

It looked like one of the IE guys was injured

2017-08-12 16:05:31 UTC  

And it looks like the police are against our boys and are escorting them out

2017-08-12 16:05:39 UTC  

Are they clearing the park/

2017-08-12 16:06:26 UTC  

That's lame

2017-08-12 16:06:39 UTC  

They should be on our side

2017-08-12 16:06:50 UTC  

The other idiots carry anti police signs

2017-08-12 16:07:29 UTC  

Yeah one side is anti police. The other is staunchly pro police...but the police have to be impartial.

2017-08-12 16:11:35 UTC  

Just incite a riot already

2017-08-12 16:14:42 UTC  

fuck, getting rough