Message from ETBrooD in Athens #piraeus_politics_news

2019-09-09 06:45:22 UTC  

You're selectively picking my most recent statements and ignoring the context of everything I say

2019-09-09 06:45:33 UTC  

That's what the typical leftist does

2019-09-09 06:45:39 UTC  

Are you a leftard?

2019-09-09 06:45:59 UTC  

Are you a useful progressivist idiot?

2019-09-09 06:46:03 UTC  

bull shit, kiddo. I gave an anecdote of where race simply didn't ocurr to me when dealing with a cunty child, and you're saying it should have

2019-09-09 06:46:22 UTC  

Yeah, it should, because if you don't profile racially instinctively, then your defense mechanism doesn't properly work

2019-09-09 06:46:30 UTC  

It is perfectly normal to pick up on these differences

2019-09-09 06:46:32 UTC  

ok ethnofag

2019-09-09 06:46:34 UTC  

This is instinct

2019-09-09 06:46:43 UTC  

It is evolutionary

2019-09-09 06:47:02 UTC  

"seeing differences is racism"

2019-09-09 06:47:07 UTC  

You're such a progressivist

2019-09-09 06:47:28 UTC  

seeing differences isn't the same as just deciding cunt child is a cunt because of their race

2019-09-09 06:47:36 UTC  

I didn't say that

2019-09-09 06:47:42 UTC  

you literally fuucking did

2019-09-09 06:47:44 UTC  

No I did not

2019-09-09 06:48:01 UTC  

No, there are variations in how different groups behave, based on what behaviors are normalized and reinforced among the groups. Here in the U.S., for example, we have the issue of black kids being bullied by their peers (fellow blacks) for participation at school, which is obviously counter to logic as they'll have less economic mobility by proliferating such norms throughout their culture by associating it with their music, films, etc.

2019-09-09 06:48:04 UTC  

you're saying cunt child's race should have ocurred to me when dealing with it.

2019-09-09 06:48:50 UTC  

Many groups will also rebel against the predominant norms associated with the majority group, even if it harms their own interests. It's a very common behavior.

2019-09-09 06:49:21 UTC  

A) noticing that a cunt is of a certain race
B) noticing that a race does cunt things
See the difference?

2019-09-09 06:49:31 UTC  

You say I did B, but I did not

2019-09-09 06:49:33 UTC  

I did A

2019-09-09 06:50:23 UTC  

then why should specific attention be paid to their race when the more important detail is they're being a cunt

2019-09-09 06:50:40 UTC  

People's brains instinctively pick up on it

2019-09-09 06:50:41 UTC  

Because those behaviors are reinforced among peers.

2019-09-09 06:50:45 UTC  

not an answer

2019-09-09 06:50:54 UTC  

But that is all I said

2019-09-09 06:50:56 UTC  

why should I have taken cunt's race into account

2019-09-09 06:51:03 UTC  

I only said it's normal to pick up on these differences

2019-09-09 06:51:15 UTC  

you said I should have taken it into account

2019-09-09 06:51:21 UTC  

I said you should've noticed it

2019-09-09 06:51:27 UTC  

Because it's normal to notice it

2019-09-09 06:51:40 UTC  

you're such a fucking weasel

2019-09-09 06:51:43 UTC  

I'm not

2019-09-09 06:52:34 UTC  

This a phenomenon in psychology

2019-09-09 06:52:57 UTC  

It is the greatest contributing factor to how an identity group behaves, as people within the group have greater influence on one another than those perceived to be on the outside. Ascribed status, such as race and gender top the hierarchy in this regard.

2019-09-09 06:53:08 UTC  

For example, my dad used to beat me. As time progressed, I learned to fear men who had similar looks as him. From his facial features to the way he dressed to details in his mannerisms.

2019-09-09 06:53:16 UTC  

If I noticed similar things, I avoided those men

2019-09-09 06:53:20 UTC  

That's instinct

2019-09-09 06:53:27 UTC  

Of course.

2019-09-09 06:53:31 UTC  

As you should.