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2019-09-09 08:13:11 UTC

2019-09-09 08:13:12 UTC  

.... and also a point where Cenk was conservative

2019-09-09 08:13:42 UTC  

cenk used to be an asshole conservative so i guess the reason hes so mad at them now is because his view of what conservatives are is what he was himself

2019-09-09 08:13:55 UTC  

@Ayylmao she's adopted

2019-09-09 08:15:29 UTC  

id fucka whale

2019-09-09 08:15:31 UTC  

fat ass

2019-09-09 08:15:37 UTC  

i got a 34 foot cock

2019-09-09 08:15:40 UTC  

so its all i can fuck

2019-09-09 08:16:50 UTC  

rip big penis

2019-09-09 08:17:16 UTC  

๐Ÿ…ฑenis the size of ๐Ÿ…ฑenus

2019-09-09 08:17:41 UTC

2019-09-09 08:18:03 UTC  

you found my fb pics

2019-09-09 08:18:06 UTC  

damn you

2019-09-09 08:19:50 UTC  

reminder that, for some fucking reason, peopel with the more debilitating levels of the 'tism somehow have big ๐Ÿ…ฑ enises

2019-09-09 08:20:20 UTC  

midgets too

2019-09-09 08:20:44 UTC  

that's an optical illusion

2019-09-09 08:20:56 UTC  

it's normal size, just looks big

2019-09-09 08:21:10 UTC  

though in hindsight, i did hear it from a podcast of internet comedians so im not sure

2019-09-09 08:21:24 UTC  


2019-09-09 08:21:39 UTC  

bruh moment

2019-09-09 08:23:53 UTC  

I tell midgets to keep there chin up

2019-09-09 08:25:03 UTC  

they can't

2019-09-09 08:26:03 UTC  

you guys dont know how much i want to post a *specific* webm of a skimpily clad midget woman right now

2019-09-09 08:26:21 UTC  

but im a good boy and i dont want the mods to send me to the no no place

2019-09-09 08:26:34 UTC  

your a degen I already assume you had hentai futa midgets webm's

2019-09-09 08:26:55 UTC  

cells is very fun

2019-09-09 08:27:09 UTC  

but it gets boring talking to yourself all the time

2019-09-09 08:27:23 UTC  

well in my case, american midgets are probably just average height in my country

2019-09-09 08:27:33 UTC  


2019-09-09 08:30:09 UTC  

I always wondere d if mexican midge tmuslims belonged to the MMM

2019-09-09 08:33:49 UTC  

i heard the one, the only gnomefather himself keemstar is getting piled on right now for being a nazi
just because he triggered kpop fans

2019-09-09 08:34:06 UTC  

fuck kpop

2019-09-09 08:36:12 UTC  

what else is new

2019-09-09 08:36:32 UTC  

literally i hear the word 'nazi' and think 'oh they probably just mean Tim Pool or something

2019-09-09 08:37:06 UTC  

classic socialists, inflating currency, even in words

2019-09-09 08:37:56 UTC  

>ian mcdiarmid and hayden christensen were doing a panel at some convention
>disney shuts it down in fear of them spreading spoilers
>disney basically confirmed that said actors will probably be in episode 9 since its implied they have knowledge of it to spoil

2019-09-09 08:38:44 UTC  

yay force ghost anakin ResidentSleeper

2019-09-09 08:39:03 UTC  


2019-09-09 08:39:07 UTC  

if they have him

2019-09-09 08:39:18 UTC  

and he is grandfather to kylo

2019-09-09 08:39:25 UTC  

and he ends up being a good guy