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A lot of ppl were saying he was. Based on appearance alone I wasn't sure myself

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He ended up being what he looks like. European with a good dollup of Eastern European DNA

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Im happy to know I didn't listen to a larping jew for years of my life

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Billy Roper and the street active part of NA was literally locked out of the WV property. The takeover by Gliebe upon Pierce' s death was a coup. Billy Roper has MANY times taken stands that have cost him a LOT of money as he has chosen principle over cash and a comfortable lifestyle. Having been in NA leadership with Roper I can tell you he has always been a staunch supporter of WN even in the face of being bloodied at demonstrations and threatened. I do not agree with Roper on every single issue but the recent attack on him in the hatchet piece by Hunter Wallace is outrageous. The fact is that Hunter Wallace, and the many names he goes by, sided with the man who testified for the federal government in the sedition trial of David Lane, the creator of the 14 words, and the rest of the Order and he also turned in members of his own organization to the federal government. I'm not posting this to create drama. But Having lived through Nd taken part in this history the record must be set straight.

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I don't punch right as they say. But sometimes certain people in the right use that mantra to hide behind after they themselves do things that are uncalled for and outrageous.

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Glenn Miller and Tom Martinez are the two who testified against fellow members of The Order

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Glen Miller is the name of the federal informant who testified against the Order and even his own people. Hunter Wallace continued to give him a voice through forums etc and was a voice for allowing him back into the "movement".

2017-07-14 13:55:35 UTC  

Being a federal informant is horrible enough. People saying that people who do that should continue to have a voice in WN and then turn around and criticise others who have been staunch loyalists is unforgivable.

2017-07-14 13:56:43 UTC  

I agree that the nit picking and infighting is damaging. I have fought against it for YEARS. I continue to speak to people behind the scenes about it including Roper.

2017-07-14 13:59:21 UTC  

Some of the comments by Roper in his speech linked earlier are a bit immature and unnecessary. But as many of you saw from the NA DC March I linked a couple of nights ago going with the big tent theory CAN bite you in the end if you aren't careful who you invite into that tent.

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No i mean like just cause i had the bowl in my profile pic i had my position taken and kicked same with everyone else who had the bowlcut profile pics lol

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Sorry for the short novel but just wanted to address a couple of things.

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I'm sure his intentions are pure. All you've written confirms my perception that in previous years our movement was a clusterfuck of mistrust, petty rivalries, infiltration and general incompetence and I thank god I didn't have that experience jading me now. The good rank and file spent years pursuing something that was destined to fail from the start. We have to prevent that this time. The question I ask myself is, does it fulfill the 14 words. That's all that matters. Let's win.

2017-07-14 14:13:15 UTC  

There was serious effort to bring group's together back then to work together toward a common goal. The NA and particularly Roper lead that effort. I traveled with him to klan compounds, NSM events, met with group's like Hammerskins and Keystone skins etc. We tried to get cohesion and optics improvement like button down shirts with coat and tie etc. But at that time there were too many "hobbyists" as Dr Pierce called them. Called larpers today. Yes too much fracturing and too many mini Fuehrers. But the NA was working hard and making progress in that area and the death of Pierce coupled with the Gliebe coup and federal raids ended all of that. I am happy to see the lessons learned since then especially in the area of optics. I look forward go making great strides and moved forward and look forward to the day when we look back on even the largest NA demonstration and smile and say, "Man do you remember when we could only pull 2k people?!" and then laugh about it. So forward we go. Let's do it.

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Hell yea. I'm incredibly excited

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Social media today makes it much easier. Back then a lot of fracturing had to do with trust and fear of informants. NA had members of law enforcement who were friendly who would background check for us and also let us know sometimes when individuals made it onto a list or were being watched. Less excuse today for the fracturing. More media means more information. MSM and government can't quite as easily pull things off.

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Perfect example is Damigo punching moldilocks. Back in early 2000s Damigo would be in prison because all you would have seen was media showing him hit her.

2017-07-14 14:18:59 UTC  

MSM had a lock on flow of media

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Now everyone has a camera or cell phone so it's more difficult to twist things. Which is good for us because the truth is on our side.

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He better pack a lunch

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Isn't that the entire point of Unite the Right? To unite AnCaps and NatSocs, among other things?

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Dindus don't understand that

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"I'm not saying he's gonna beat you up and start fights but watch out"

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Shut up fag

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Unite anarcho anything with NatSoc!?

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They are more flair and talk than anything

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Wouldn't be like this even 50 years ago

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Even 20 years ago in the south

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Everyone thinks cause a nigger is kinda muscular and loud they can fight

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The town next to mine had a sign that said "nigger don't let your ass get caught in our own after dark" until like 2000

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