Message from RCO Nick-TX in Southern Front #general

2017-07-15 03:34:11 UTC  

But they have a short attention span

2017-07-15 03:34:46 UTC  

How many times in 30 minutes on the drive to work in the morning do u hear the same McDonald's breakfast commercial

2017-07-15 03:35:00 UTC  

There's a reason for that kind of marketing

2017-07-15 03:35:32 UTC  

I listen to CDs in the car so I don't have to hear that shit

2017-07-15 03:35:32 UTC  

Americans need to be beaten in the face with something verbally and reminded repeatedly

2017-07-15 03:35:57 UTC  

And they follow like a ring in the nose and don't even consciously know it

2017-07-15 03:39:51 UTC  

YouTube videos

2017-07-15 04:30:42 UTC  

any DFW Vanguard guys here? @everyone

2017-07-15 04:31:16 UTC  

online now I mean

2017-07-15 04:31:34 UTC  

Does anybody have the Swedish magazine where it has a white man on the front cover next to an African and it says something about how he and his wife wanted a child so Jamal was who they turned to

2017-07-15 04:31:46 UTC  

Basically systematically turning people into cucks

2017-07-15 04:32:04 UTC  

Trying to redpill somebody on it and thats the most in your face thing I've ever seen to force the redpill

2017-07-15 04:35:06 UTC  

Hey, what's up @Azzmador

2017-07-15 04:37:36 UTC  

@Ben - TX check DM

2017-07-15 04:42:47 UTC  

@Azzmador I'm with DFW goys.

2017-07-15 04:45:36 UTC  

Dont talk to Thomas azz he just got arrested for postering

2017-07-15 04:45:42 UTC  

I heard it over voice chat

2017-07-15 04:46:47 UTC  

Sorry bad connection. Just put tons of high capacity hate stickers around with the guys.

Easy to do, easy to plan other things while you're doing it.

2017-07-15 04:47:18 UTC  

Idk fam you might get a bounty on your head

2017-07-15 04:47:30 UTC  

be careful

2017-07-15 04:48:16 UTC  

Highly recommended the poster stickers James does.

2017-07-15 04:48:25 UTC

2017-07-15 05:04:47 UTC  

Beware the international Jew
I need that poster

2017-07-15 08:33:27 UTC  

The state anticom servers are a lot better

2017-07-15 08:33:47 UTC  

In the Texas server half are VA anyway.

2017-07-15 08:34:20 UTC  

James Coney does a good job, too, in Louisiana

2017-07-15 08:35:05 UTC  

I kind of see it as a halfway house to VA

2017-07-15 08:36:41 UTC  

They are one of the only non-Explicitly WN group that doesn't have too much of a problem with us.

2017-07-15 08:36:52 UTC  

For the most part anyway

2017-07-15 10:35:21 UTC  

Bring your Confederate flags and rifles

2017-07-15 10:35:49 UTC  


2017-07-15 10:36:37 UTC  

based nigger

2017-07-15 10:36:54 UTC  

he can be president of Liberia

2017-07-15 12:06:43 UTC  

Anyone know anything about this? The following message was a reply to the Suidlanders Emergency Fund graphic I did:

2017-07-15 12:26:04 UTC  

You'd think it would have to be in writing for it to be called a letter

2017-07-15 12:27:19 UTC  

What did it say, "Simon used to work for the ANC, so don't believe him, also South Africa is fine?"

2017-07-15 13:04:01 UTC  

Yeah, I think that's what they're going off of. He was a person who was helping the nogs, got redpilled, and then changed his tune to helping his people instead.

2017-07-15 13:04:41 UTC  

Yeah, that dude is legitimately retarded

2017-07-15 13:07:31 UTC  

>black gang literally threatens race war
>whites say "we all get along I'm not going to worry about it"

2017-07-15 13:07:37 UTC