Message from Tedium in Southern Front #general

2017-06-13 06:16:24 UTC  

GLR dropped more red pills than most Alt-Right celebrities combined.

2017-06-13 06:16:35 UTC  

Yeah I agree with that

2017-06-13 06:17:04 UTC  

Rockwell is a huge part of the reason I'm here today.

2017-06-13 06:17:05 UTC  

Listen to the podcast tho and tell me what you think

2017-06-13 06:17:33 UTC  

Here meaning in this group and red pilled

2017-06-13 06:17:53 UTC  

Not some emo suicidal thoughts

2017-06-13 06:18:01 UTC  

They say white power was stolen from black power and most neo nazis are like the niggerized version of national socialism so it makes sense

2017-06-13 06:19:37 UTC  

He did steal it from the black power groups. He proudly says that. And I would agree that many new-nazis are bastardized and apolitical.

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2017-06-13 06:20:10 UTC  

George Lincoln Rockwell wasn't.

2017-06-13 06:20:37 UTC  

I'll listen to the podcast though

2017-06-13 06:20:53 UTC  

I can agree but ive never liked how he proudly uses the word nazi even though the NSDAP never did and it was always a slur invented by jews

2017-06-13 06:21:06 UTC  

Something thats always irked me about him

2017-06-13 06:21:37 UTC  

Well, there was a damn good reason, and he openly says why in one of his speeches.

2017-06-13 06:21:52 UTC  

It bothered me too at first

2017-06-13 06:22:03 UTC  

I can see using it to make it lose its power

2017-06-13 06:22:11 UTC  

Thats basically what the left has done

2017-06-13 06:22:17 UTC  

If that was his purpose

2017-06-13 06:22:24 UTC  

Thats cool

2017-06-13 06:22:52 UTC  

But you have to remember that he was a Brown educated, intelligent man. He studied advertising

2017-06-13 06:24:05 UTC  

In an age before the internet, one of the best ways he could extend the reach of his message was to scream "kike" "nazi" and "nigger" at people

2017-06-13 06:24:19 UTC  

The moment he did he got the next day's headlines

2017-06-13 06:24:44 UTC  

Good point

2017-06-13 06:24:57 UTC  

It was just the best way to do it at the time. Just a little marketing

2017-06-13 06:25:31 UTC  

I think it's obsolete now, but I think we can all learn from his incredible bravery

2017-06-13 06:26:34 UTC  

Yes his bravery deserves respect

2017-06-13 06:26:55 UTC  

It sucks what came of it though. The degeneracy of neo nazis

2017-06-13 06:27:25 UTC  

Well, some people only hear the part of the message they want to hear

2017-06-13 06:28:08 UTC  

Very true

2017-06-13 06:29:50 UTC  

And that's not just me coming up with a theory to defend one of my heroes. The man literally says in a public speech why he did the things he did.

2017-06-13 06:30:23 UTC  

Ive watched some of his speeches. The ones I have have been great

2017-06-13 06:30:23 UTC  

So people really do have selective hearing

2017-06-13 06:30:44 UTC  

He had such a command of the audience

2017-06-13 06:30:57 UTC  

I'm going to buy his book soon

2017-06-13 06:31:07 UTC  

I'm jealous because I'm more of a writer than a speaker

2017-06-13 06:31:13 UTC  


2017-06-13 06:31:22 UTC  

White Power

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2017-06-13 06:32:07 UTC  

I had already read And This Time the World

2017-06-13 06:32:20 UTC  

But I got all three anyway this year