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thank you

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I got redpilled the year after Dr. Pierce died. Was not a good time to be a WN.

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Good to have you, @Vaximillian TN I'm interested to hear some stories.

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yeah his death was a shock when it happened

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none of us knew he was sick

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I second that, I'd very much like to learn more about your experience.

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had been with him just a couple of months before

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in my opinion there was something fishy about it

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Billy Roper was top command for street action side of things

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as soon as Pierce was declared dead the compound was locked and neither Roper nor I was allowed to enter

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That name sure seems to come up a lot

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and suddenly Gliebe was declared leader so I've always believed Pierce was murdered or somehow done in

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things were really happening when that went down

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@Vaximillian TN How the hell did Strom sieze control of National Alliance?

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we were gearing up for the march that brought 2500+ to DC on the white house lawn

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those were official law enforcement numbers not our propaganda

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we actually had more

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but the day before the US military sent out a notice to all personnel that they were forbidden to take part or face military discipline

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even so many of them showed up but we told them we appreciate their dedication but stand down we didnt want them getting in trouble

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leftists had over 4k

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I hadn't thought about Strom in ages, but he started shilling against Stormer over White Sharia the other day on Twitter, and several users had to point out the irony of a convicted pedo preaching to us about sexual morality.

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the ENTIRE like 4 block route was cops both sides locked arms

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When was this?

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well you have to realize that sex crimes are frequently used against the right

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@Vaximillian TN Yeah I know, but Strom did that shit.

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the lft in power likes to use accusations of homo and pervert against right because they know they will easily be ostracized that way

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Didn't identity Europa just have one of their folks outed as a pedo or something

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so i never fully believed the strom pedo stuff govt was coming down hardcore on us back then

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A24 was the nname of the event

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And tbh, he's an incompetent boob, and he should keep his mouth shut when it comes to people who are actually having a positive effect.

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at DC but we had several marches leading up to it

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@Vaximillian TN How do you feel about Billy Roper nowadays? He just seems to constantly counter signal.

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strom was always more of a propaganda guy. hes good at gathering info etc but hes never been one for street action and there was a bit of a split at the time within the NA over whether or not to even be involved in street action

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well Billy is someone i would literally trust with my life