Message from Ronny TX in Southern Front #general

2017-05-27 18:32:29 UTC  

No, shitbag. Go to the meeup or go to the gym. Those are the only options

2017-05-27 18:38:40 UTC  

I'm working my yard today

2017-05-27 18:39:09 UTC  


2017-05-27 18:40:06 UTC  
2017-05-27 18:40:34 UTC  

Yeah i like that one

2017-05-27 18:40:56 UTC  


2017-05-27 18:44:51 UTC  

>tfw Dillon isn't here so Cris has to take his place

2017-05-27 18:45:50 UTC  

I bet cris killed Dillion with an ice pick

2017-05-27 18:46:11 UTC  

No comment

2017-05-27 18:47:34 UTC  

Well if Dillon doesn't make an appearance soon I'm going to start wondering

2017-05-27 18:49:24 UTC  

Probably busy with his trailer. If anybody is legitimately concerned though, I'm sure we can contact him

2017-05-27 18:52:17 UTC  

@Billy Merse that would a great sticker for downtown areas

2017-05-27 18:59:56 UTC  

Great sticker

2017-05-27 19:00:31 UTC  

That's a good one to spread

2017-05-27 19:40:38 UTC  

Wait, so you killed Dillon?

2017-05-27 19:57:38 UTC  

The dudesons will save Finland

2017-05-27 20:07:45 UTC

2017-05-27 20:09:28 UTC  

Eating fresh cucumbers that the wife grew, amazing how much better they taste than the store. Serfdom when?

2017-05-27 20:42:38 UTC  

Fresh food is best food

2017-05-27 20:55:39 UTC  

I really want to grow some peach trees

2017-05-27 20:55:51 UTC  

I love peaches and want some fresh ones

2017-05-27 20:59:21 UTC  

They are great

2017-05-27 20:59:28 UTC  

My granny used to have one

2017-05-27 21:01:59 UTC  

Oh man, I would kill for fresh peaches

2017-05-27 21:02:12 UTC  

I want a citrus grove too

2017-05-27 21:02:36 UTC  

I want an apple tree

2017-05-27 21:02:49 UTC  

I know a place that has orchards of peaches

2017-05-27 21:32:22 UTC  

Let's appropriate them for the white race.

2017-05-27 21:32:59 UTC  

TBH I'm thinking about postering the place that I didn't go last night

2017-05-27 21:49:19 UTC  

Pretty cool tutorial for the DIYer. May come in handy for any future ANTIFA encounters

2017-05-27 21:59:06 UTC  

I want one

2017-05-27 22:15:08 UTC

2017-05-27 22:23:06 UTC  

Do we even have a Florida state leader anymore

2017-05-27 22:23:09 UTC  

RWDS uniform

2017-05-27 22:34:37 UTC  

@everyone NATIONAL VOICE MEETING (in national server) today at 7 p.m. Central

Join for a briefing on activities, plans for future action, and directional information. Think of any questions, suggestions or comments in regards to the group. It will be an open forum at the end.

If you cannot participate, just listen in.

2017-05-27 22:39:38 UTC

2017-05-27 22:39:50 UTC  

Got u a gift @Thomas Ryan

2017-05-27 22:39:55 UTC  


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2017-05-27 22:44:08 UTC  

I'm excited