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2017-07-12 17:27:56 UTC  

Is anyone from VanAm speaking at the Charlottesville event?

2017-07-12 17:28:57 UTC  

^ been wondering the same

2017-07-12 17:29:45 UTC  

I most likely will if spots are open, if not I'll just do something impromptu.

2017-07-12 18:33:30 UTC  

@Azzmador try making a private teespring campaign and just buy whatever amount you need with the shortest deadline

2017-07-12 21:43:34 UTC  

"A big cock gets you bitches, a big brain gets you riches" -Confucious

2017-07-12 21:45:39 UTC  

"You lose a lot of money chasing bitches, but don't lose many bitches chasing money" ~ Evola

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What's the difference between a fag and a Nazi?

2017-07-12 22:42:20 UTC  

Fags go to Hell

2017-07-12 23:32:41 UTC  

Gg alt right

2017-07-12 23:32:42 UTC  


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lol what even is that?

2017-07-13 00:59:50 UTC  

Durka durka

2017-07-13 01:11:42 UTC  

increase in immigration and disease outbreaks are not uncommon. My guess is there is a correlation here:

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2017-07-13 01:55:58 UTC  

Rotate this shit boi

2017-07-13 01:56:28 UTC  

Do it or you're banned

2017-07-13 01:57:14 UTC  

>Atlanta full of homeless
Good spending boys

2017-07-13 02:04:13 UTC  

Check the replies on the everything ga post, everybody is mad

2017-07-13 02:06:30 UTC  

This is the most Atlanta thing I've ever seen

2017-07-13 02:14:58 UTC  


2017-07-13 02:15:08 UTC  

You guys dont even have functioning roads?

2017-07-13 02:20:11 UTC  

Atlanta is like a different country compared to the rest of Georgia. It's full of niggers and liberals

2017-07-13 02:30:18 UTC  

NLG perspective on current events and events going forward:

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2017-07-13 02:31:18 UTC  

so first and most importantly for the new guy ....

2017-07-13 02:31:38 UTC  

how do i get me one of those cool little icons in front of my name? no one wants to look at my face

2017-07-13 02:32:02 UTC  

Icons are usually signifiers of rank

2017-07-13 02:32:11 UTC  

Do you have something you already want to go there or do you want one of the generic VanAm icons?

2017-07-13 02:32:16 UTC  

You can make your profile picture whatever you want though