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fucking sargon

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6 months ago kekistan was a low key way to signal fash/ns/wn

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now its some...retarded shit

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Here's the thing

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If they kept the original design I'd be fine with it

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This would have been such an effective flag

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But nu/pol/ faggots were afraid of being too overt in public so they changed to the current one

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And thus the entire point of the meme became lost

2017-07-13 23:52:42 UTC  

I know a kekistani guy IRL and hes pretty low energy politically

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@FairUse WA what do you think of this line of thought? (((John))) was talking about America challenging natural order, specifically tribalism.

2017-07-14 01:19:06 UTC  

If police investigate they look probably look into the Tennessee guys because of the close proximity of the posters and vandlaism

2017-07-14 01:22:33 UTC  

@Billy Merse Firstly, there's an inherent conflict between principle and tribal loyalty, unless the tribe is perfectly principled, you have to "betray" members of "your own", including the murders, traitors, rapists, malevolent tyrants, thieves among you. The gangster tribe of chosen don't do this. In the long term, defending these members gets you all lumped into a collective. If you act as a collective, you'll be judged as one. Ultimately, over a span of thousands of years, the loyal tribe accumulates too many disadvantages against the principled, "unnatural", and "disloyal" tribe. The parasite race (loyal only to its own) seeks to drag us down to cuckery by forcing us into a corner, fighting for our survival. We're expected to feed someone else's offspring or be killed. But it is in THEIR death throes that their desperation is revealed. All they've done has failed them, and they were doomed from the beginning, and their end is inevitable. But ours is not. The kind of people who bow to the law, and even the spirit of it, are of our spirit, and will not be destroyed. Those who betray us by violating our principles, laws, and the spirit of them, whoever they may be, are forever cursed to seek more money to buy their way out of infinite trouble.

So that's what I think of tribalism.

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When Jon says "it's not natural", he's kind of right. It's not primitive to transcend material concerns and lay down your life for generations who won't fully appreciated it for two thousand years.

2017-07-14 01:24:24 UTC  

Cyanide is natural.

2017-07-14 01:43:07 UTC  

Are you equating 'natural' with 'primitive' here?

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Oh yeah, there's been a huge outcry against the vandalism here in Murfreesboro

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Probably doesn't help that the following night I, unaware of the vandalism, returned from a camping trip and postered an apartment complex with Imagine a Muslim Free America posters

2017-07-14 01:54:51 UTC  

I'm sure we are suspected now

2017-07-14 01:55:22 UTC  

The graffiti is pretty lame, the guys are a local graffiti group that just laid their tag down "graffiti squad" but they did drop bacon everywhere

2017-07-14 01:56:27 UTC  

About a week before the vandalism (day before I left) I put posters in adjacent neighborhood too

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@FairUse WA So, I'm looking at this from an evolutionary standpoint. The phenomenon called "tribalism" emerges from some of the oldest systems that make up our entire nervous system. So, if you're a white guy that walks into an auditorium packed with blacks, your eyes trigger your amygdala which fires of, "DEATH IMMINENT" message, i.e. Flight, fight, or freeze response. There is no amount of will power that can change this nervous system reaction because it fires off before you're even conscience to the situation. So, when Jon is talking about what we've created as being unnatural, I think he's referring to this sort of biological aspect of tribalism. In other words, Jon is claiming that in America we are conditioning (like Pavlov's bell) against this sort of tribalism. My point is that such a feat is impossible. At least not without genetic tampering -- breeding us with the other groups would be an example of such tampering.

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By the way, very interesting point on the principled vs unprincipled dichotomy.

2017-07-14 01:59:12 UTC  

I agree with Billy about that being what Jon means. It seemed to me that he was pointing out that thousands of years ago, you see a guy that doesn't look like you, that means he's from another tribe. Which means he's a competitor, which means he might cause you to starve. So you kill him, instinctively.

Now we don't do that, and we accept other tribes as our friends. Even when they look so different, thousands of year old defense mechanisms kick in the second we see them.

2017-07-14 01:59:26 UTC  

You can feel the mechanisms go off if you ever walk into an auditorium of blacks.

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It's not biologically impossible. It just tends not to be selected for. It's called Williams Syndrome. The anti-racism gene occurs in these diseased few people who can't form prejudices. Given that very few of them are alive, it's proven to be a disadvantage in the current environment. But I can forsee worlds without "diversity" in which we're the dwindling few racists, and Williams Syndrome becomes dominant. Not with all these savages around. And the reason I can forsee it being in advantage in the peaceful world we'll create is because we've artificially imposed anti-racism on a thriving huge population, relative to vicious, hateful Jews. Through religion, we're behaving like the mentally defective diseased kids, and it's given us advantages you only get in high trust societies.

History, evolution, mathematics, business, finance, and scripture is all one subject to me. Jews wants you to undestand these to be separate subjects.

2017-07-14 02:22:21 UTC  

Don't worry. There seem to be contradictions and conflicts in some of the things I've said and advocated for, but I think most of you guys will understand this stuff a little better in another ten thousand years. Some things you can't explain to people. You have to trust that your parents love you. Their parents loved them and so on. They're not trying to screw you over. Jesus isn't trying to mess you up. Our Father isn't trying to hurt us. But most of us are going to choose to ignore some very sensible, very old, very clear advice and if we do, our entire progeny will be tossed out like yesterday's trash.

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What "very sensible very old very clear advice" are you referring to?

2017-07-14 02:26:40 UTC  

The ultimate evil, the loyal, theiving tribe of Jews are a perfectly natural and inevitable, toxic, parasitic consequence of disobeying the sensible law of stoning sodomites to death if you catch them in the act. If you let it go, this is where we end up. And it will keep getting worse until we drop rocks on every last one of them forever.

2017-07-14 02:28:20 UTC  

Fairuse, I'm certainly trying to understand your perspective a lot more. No man is omniscient, so I don't expect that from anyone. But we can work together to figure a lot out.

2017-07-14 02:32:36 UTC  

Because humans are a political animal, capable of math, but only diseased sodomites are motivated to embrace hedonistic, materialistic philosophies because, other than the bisexuals, they don't have a progeny. And the most intelligent of the purely homosexual humans have much more time and resources on their hands to maneuver, to hide in the shadows, to murder for the sake of preserving all their perverted pleasures. Because for them, that's all there is. There's no biological eternity.

What persuades fags? Eternal torment in the afterlife, if they believe in it. But the problem is they can seize the teaching of religious laws themselves, then threaten the weak-minded worker bees with blazing hellish eternal torture. What you need if this happens is God to personally come down from heaven and die for their sins so the gays can't threaten the Nordic (high trust) heterosexuals with a scary sky fairy. (False God.)

So now the fags have to persuade everyone that God's not for realsies and neither is Satan and Jews are the chosen people. Once they've done that, and people forget Jesus died for their sins, it's back to threatening the breeders with hellfire and enslaving them to fulfill all their sexual lusts. It's a permanent vacation for the gay ruling class and the devil wins forever.

Or else we crush the sodomites into pulp like God said. Forever.

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Fags (Neanderthal Jews) have been spreading plagues, famine and death (with their buddies the Mongol hordes) for probably 100,000 years or more

2017-07-14 02:35:58 UTC  

Most recent I'm aware of is when the Mongols marched in and raped millions of German women. But you also had Genghis and Attila.

2017-07-14 02:40:35 UTC  

I'm not the sharpest of all students, but I figure a very similar conversation happened over 2,000 years ago. Instead of Germans getting massacred, it was 100,000 people who wouldn't bow down to Zeus. We appear to be going through a similar set of circumstances. You can't type this stuff in a chat. It would have to be a book. There are areas of uncertainty where you just have to give it an educated guess. But the Jews don't like how good our guesses are, so they teach us not to do that.

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Yeah, I would definitely listen to an audio book on this. The chronology of events and connections you're expressing here are new to me.

2017-07-14 02:44:36 UTC  

Assuming the Jews are gays, then how are there still Jews today?