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If I don't have a white polo, white button down is cool for postering right?

All of my past posters have been standalone drops in passing, not committed postering events

2017-06-15 02:17:12 UTC  

I see the color aberation, how do you stagger the horizontal stipes like that? @Thomas Ryan

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@Riefen you can wear anything u want for postering

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I'm gonna wear a gorilla costume , mix in with the he and sheboons of chattanigger

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Be proud of yo self Thomas

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The only places NOT to hit with posters are places for kids, right?

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You good n shit

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Don't hit those places

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Take pics

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Oh, whoever was asking about good music. Iron Maiden is surprisingly pretty pro-white. I wasn't paying attention and making the connection to their lyrics until last night. Saw them live, and Bruce Dickinson said "we chose the Mayan civilization as our inspiration for this album because someday, humanity will look at Western civilization and say 'Fuck, what happened to these guys? They were like gods. They had such wonderful inventions that we can't to this day figure out. We can't even comprehend the nuances of their language.' "

The crowd was kinda dead so he switched into a "but that's inevitable at this rate so let's have fun now"

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Speed of Light amongst other things is kinda like that

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Fox left! Time to party!

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Oh shi-

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lol I have bad connection

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@here Essential reading ^^

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Can i use my poor fag mask?

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Ew, god no

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nah, bruh

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I'll bring one for you @SonderSchutz TX

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@Thomas Ryan alright👌🏻

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@Thomas Ryan Familiar with that. You know what we have the monopoly on? Real violence. For example. Let's say in Austin they attack or agitate us. The answer is violence of force. We throw the concept of an honorable fight out the window. They attack we quite literally beat them until they submit or are so crippled they can't effectively fight.

2017-06-15 02:53:59 UTC  

Look towards the concept of total war. This needs to be adapted to the street.

2017-06-15 02:54:39 UTC  

Per capita we are much better at violence, yes. But their institutional power almost cancels that out, as do their numbers. We need to always emphasize on networking, meeting, training, and bonding.