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oooh boy, thank god you're here! I needed a new phone

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that's awkward

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@((())) so babe, I've been doing some reading with scrolling up

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this is all intriguing to me because it explains everything in a materialistic frame, without getting too vague with abstract concepts

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I get the general idea behind it, but I need a rundown on all the symbolism without mumbo jumbo and riddle shit

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I am noticing many ppl are woke on 4chan

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few show same type of ramblings as me, few actually got a lot more figured out

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all symbolism means either MALE + or FEMALE - or = RESULT or Star of David which is the force that is casting the spell aka the Observer like it is in quantum science

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function collapses when there is an observer thus materilizes it

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until then it's all Shrodingers cat

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all those faggots that do thing with their hands in photos with pyramid or vagina mean they represent female energy

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do they know it or not? Most likely they do..

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do kids know when they make an eye sign after seing Kanye West do it, nope

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Does Kanye knows? probably... once you reach a certain level of wealth is when you approached by occult groups

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and all secreted are told to you

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oh ben caliss de tabarnak de saint ciboire de caliss de criss que vous me faite chier avec vos caliss de message de complot de canadien fbi du saint caliss, QUESQUE VOUS FAITE BANDE D'AMÉRICAIN DE CALISS QUE VOUS PUER LE MCDO ESTI SA PAS DE BON SENSE

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Elaborate: Catholics: - (female) energy
Christians: + energy
Jews: =

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And the role of isis in this circle

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star of david

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casting spell

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they are the observing eye

2017-06-28 00:03:16 UTC  

they go place to place and cast spells until seen and then move on to next place

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as I just read from another loon.. all these old families (royalties) are actually clans aka nerves

2017-06-28 00:04:24 UTC  

they are the modern day Desciples of Jesus but they operate in other ways

2017-06-28 00:04:33 UTC  

for example House of Windsor

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they would be a nerve that's responsible for our speech aka throat chakra

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they are also in charge of all the HAARP installations around the world

2017-06-28 00:05:43 UTC  

and are the ones that "controlling the weather"

2017-06-28 00:05:55 UTC  

and so on..

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Rotschild (Red Shield) would could that be

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and they are in charge of Money CURRENCY

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they are blood vessels or blood cells

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What the fuck

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that's why it is important for the "globalist" to have CENTRAL BANK