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2017-06-17 18:14:17 UTC  

Yo there were boyscouts on the steps right outside the doors lol

2017-06-17 18:20:53 UTC  

Fantastic! I'm sure these speeches helped them more with Always Be Prepared.

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2017-06-17 20:54:38 UTC  

Any pictures from the event?

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2017-06-17 22:02:17 UTC  

Just got back from a long ass kayak trip

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2017-06-17 22:44:31 UTC  

@here I have never been more proud to stand with a group of people in my entire life. It's easy to get black pilled with the shit that we see day to day, but after seeing what I saw today, our victory is a certainty. Hail Victory. Hail our people. Hail Vanguard!

2017-06-17 22:47:20 UTC  

I'm glad that the event went well guys. It's great to see us organizing events like this.

2017-06-17 23:44:28 UTC  

I was so pumped watching that. Wish I could have been there.

2017-06-17 23:44:47 UTC  

Excited for when they have that video up for replay.

2017-06-18 02:10:03 UTC  

Letting everyone know I made it back safely and in good time

2017-06-18 02:11:37 UTC  

Sounds good man

2017-06-18 02:16:45 UTC  

Good job guys.

2017-06-18 02:16:54 UTC  

Except you all fucking suck as drill

2017-06-18 02:19:22 UTC  

Thanks for sucking Thomas

2017-06-18 02:29:05 UTC  

We need box drill etc class

2017-06-18 03:22:58 UTC  

Hail Vanguard !

2017-06-18 03:58:35 UTC  

Any influx of applicants yet?

2017-06-18 04:01:54 UTC  

I went to a party at my Asian friend's house and when I got there, there was only three other guests, and they were all Hispanic. One left, then a white girl that was kinda large, but not like a cow or anything, showed up, then the other two Hispanics left, then later a black girl showed up. Aside from that one white girl, I was the only white person there for as long as I was there.

2017-06-18 04:02:00 UTC  

RT everyone pls ^^^^

2017-06-18 04:02:14 UTC  

Ronny no one cares

2017-06-18 04:03:31 UTC  

But I bought some Wingstop for everyone, 50 wings for 3.6 people to share 👌🏼

2017-06-18 04:04:02 UTC  

(two whites, an Asian, and a black at the time that I bought them)

2017-06-18 04:05:11 UTC  

I bet the Black ate the most of the chicken.

2017-06-18 04:05:47 UTC  

idk lol

2017-06-18 04:12:03 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan get any new recruits?

2017-06-18 04:12:15 UTC  

He had some baby goats and kittens and I got to feed the goats with a bottle. It was adorable.

2017-06-18 04:28:32 UTC  

We'll see, it's very possible. @Eric TX

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Quick glance thought it was that stupid hippy peace symbol lol

2017-06-18 06:54:18 UTC  

Same haha

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