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2017-06-04 05:46:47 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan how about work makes you free lol?

2017-06-04 05:47:01 UTC  

It's essentially that, sorta

2017-06-04 06:16:04 UTC  

How about ***Struggle. War. Victory!***

2017-06-04 06:17:13 UTC  
2017-06-04 09:00:53 UTC  

So my gf of almost 2 years pretty much told me to make a decision between her and the Vanguard

2017-06-04 09:01:21 UTC  

And with a heavy heart I must say that I have come to a decision

2017-06-04 09:02:57 UTC  

I have decided to stay with the Vanguard, I ask for y'alls prayers for my relationship with my partner and friends and family who simply don't understand what Im fighting for

2017-06-04 09:04:24 UTC  

"Whoever wishes to go forward, must therefore also burn bridges behind him. Whoever sets out on a great journey, must leave old household goods behind. Whoever strives for what is highest, must turn his back on what is lesser. And to all doubts and questions the new man of the coming great German Reich knows only one answer: I alone will triumph!"

2017-06-04 09:04:39 UTC  

I hope for the best for you man

2017-06-04 09:07:08 UTC  

Sometimes we must sacrifice things or relationships for the greater good. You might have an issue with family, friends and partners but you will always have respect from your brothers because of your loyalty. You can always have and make a family of your own but loyalty between the people in the Vanguard is something that can't be found in many places.

2017-06-04 09:10:02 UTC  

I just wish she understood

2017-06-04 09:13:10 UTC  

ericI'm sorry

2017-06-04 09:13:32 UTC  

That is a fucking shame

2017-06-04 09:13:50 UTC  

You're in my prayers

2017-06-04 09:14:06 UTC  

Yeah man try to talk to her a bit more and be a bit easy with her. See if she can understand it's nothing bad.

2017-06-04 09:33:04 UTC  

I've tried explaining to her that Im doing this for her @The Blond Beast

2017-06-04 12:55:01 UTC  

@Eric TX dude if you need anything just dm me

2017-06-04 13:52:43 UTC  

Seriously if the response is to use me as a prop and say we should love muzzies, I'd rather them just let me stay dead.

2017-06-04 15:29:15 UTC  

“Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thy healing shall spring forth speedily; and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of Jehovah shall be thy rearward.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭58:8‬ ‭ASV‬‬

2017-06-04 15:49:57 UTC

2017-06-04 15:50:30 UTC  

Pull out some rope and find a telephone pole

2017-06-04 15:51:39 UTC  

Lol, that'd be a waste of good farm equipment.

2017-06-04 15:52:29 UTC  

True but they have to hang out somewhere

2017-06-04 15:54:00 UTC  

I hope they drown

2017-06-04 15:54:48 UTC  

I dont get the attraction, they dont even look like us humans

2017-06-04 16:01:26 UTC  

Hint: it's because they're not.

2017-06-04 16:08:46 UTC  

Blessed Feast of Pentecost to all

2017-06-04 16:08:59 UTC  

Aka Whitsunday

2017-06-04 16:16:32 UTC  

When the European leaders said refugees would create jobs, they weren't lying. Candles and flowers shops never sold this much before

2017-06-04 16:57:05 UTC  

Did you steal that joke fox?

2017-06-04 16:57:11 UTC  

The one about candles?

2017-06-04 16:57:18 UTC  

If not Im gonna for Twitter

2017-06-04 17:28:32 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan go ahead

2017-06-04 17:29:02 UTC  

Thomas doesn't think I'm funny lol

2017-06-04 18:09:33 UTC  

@Eric TX you've been freed

2017-06-04 18:09:48 UTC  

And you're still super young

2017-06-04 18:10:11 UTC  

I'll be free soon. Guys. Of my dog and my woman

2017-06-04 18:10:20 UTC  

Then things changing

2017-06-04 18:10:44 UTC  

Because my RV gets 20 mpg