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Hey goys, im going to purchase one of each on the vanguard store, how do i earn a coupon?

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Good morning and what kind of protesters lol amazing that someone who looks like that could take on three men

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And "Stephen huber" Jew or non jew name ? Anyone good a doxxing DM me

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I meant to share the pictures of this undercover car I was working on yesterday legit traffic cop

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When you turn of the lights you'd never know

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It was really weird though because inside he has no computer,just a handheld radio mounted to the dash and the actual radio unit was in the trunk no cage completely black stock normal leather interior on top knew it was police issued though because of the secret shift button no one is supposed to know about

2017-07-07 10:55:23 UTC  

Oh and the doors where bulletproofed to a extent

2017-07-07 13:16:58 UTC  

No cage?

2017-07-07 14:57:28 UTC  

No cage at all in the back

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Should have taken some interior pics

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Really weird

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So I was watching this shitty show on TV and it's one of those famous news/morning talk shows and they were talking about some famous tourist destination and one of the girls was like "That's my favorite place in the world, except Israel"

2017-07-07 17:19:58 UTC  

What's there to see in Israel anyway mortar holes? And bomb attacks daily?

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Well just remember there are people who like living in New York City

2017-07-07 17:25:47 UTC  

"Tired of being Johnny be goods and we gotta be Johnny rebs!"

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I couldn't do it lol the city I'm living in is getting to big planning on moving to somewhere more rual

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My suburb town is getting diversified as we speak

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How do we know this cnn shit was even real, i think they tried to point out the ebil racist but it backfired terribly

2017-07-07 17:26:46 UTC  

I wish I lived in the country

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@Kevin FL probably to catch street racing, ive ran into a few like that here in TX

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Damn. I want to to throw my fucking phone across the room

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I have dreams of Merkel getting forced raped by 20 migrants in her home, and if the migrants don't rape her then they get whipped until they die.

2017-07-07 22:47:00 UTC  

Great dreams

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Lol, you might have a hard time getting someone to rape that

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I'm looking forward to ~~attacks~~ self defence situations on media headquarters Turner Diaries style.

2017-07-07 22:57:10 UTC  

Shouldn't be long before self defense becomes a necessity

2017-07-07 23:01:37 UTC  

I didn't look much into it but did there little protests accomplish anything?

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I saw the new Marvel Spiderman movie today with muh lady. Peter is a nigger-lover.

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@everyone I need a volunteer from each state without a formal State Commander to step forward to help me complete the District Census.

These states include:

If you are in one of these states, I need a single volunteer. If I do not receive one, I will appoint one. I would like to have a person for every state picked by the end of today.