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2019-05-21 14:51:12 UTC  

dirty jews.

2019-05-22 02:59:41 UTC  

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2019-05-24 17:28:17 UTC  

Oy vey

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Oy Veyyyy~

2019-05-29 05:34:53 UTC  

@Deleted User bruh shut the fuck up who gives a fuck if they were Jews or not? Either way apparently your fucked by any race realist standpoint right poor white man? Weak white man?

2019-05-29 08:12:44 UTC  

@Lehi Avraham Stern Bruh, you are so butt hurt. Where is your argument bruh.

2019-05-29 13:58:25 UTC  

My argument is who cares bruh @Deleted User sorry white man forgot you’re weak, sorry for all the dead and raped white women :/.

2019-05-29 14:03:59 UTC

2019-05-29 14:07:20 UTC  

Plus nigga the only “source” you used was a image which you said was clearly a Jew than giving a Wikipedia article about secular socialist Jews who were anti communist

2019-05-29 14:07:23 UTC  

Fricken epic bro

2019-05-29 15:06:13 UTC  

Lol, the jew damge controll that makes zero sense

2019-05-29 21:30:49 UTC  

> you said was clearly a Jew
>Wikipedia article about secular socialist Jews
So i was right, there weer more political groups besides the mensheviks and bolsevikes. The image is lying as it only list 2 out of 6 parties. one of which a party of jews.

2019-05-29 21:32:27 UTC  

The source gives the information of this party. and you claim that this is the "only" source i give.

2019-05-29 21:33:10 UTC  

Why would i need more as it proves my point and the falsity of the image

2019-05-31 13:38:22 UTC  

@Deleted User look up the Schneersons and the refuseniks . they were anti communists and anti socialists. They wrre the leaders of the Jewish underground .

2019-05-31 13:39:29 UTC  

For decades one of them was Soviet Russia's public enemy number one

2019-05-31 13:39:54 UTC  

He eventually was in siberia and still managed to do activities there

2019-05-31 13:40:26 UTC  

He actually survived and managed to get to America

2019-05-31 13:41:48 UTC  

@Deleted User what is this stupid idea that jews in Russia all leaned a particular way. They were on every side of the aisle

2019-05-31 13:43:10 UTC  

@Lehi Avraham Stern what are you getting at?

2019-05-31 13:45:34 UTC  

Also the refuseniks hated Bolsheviks mensheviks bundists and any strain of comminism and socialism

2019-05-31 13:47:01 UTC  

Long story short hundreds of them landed in gulags Siberia and got forced into the army

2019-05-31 13:58:02 UTC  

You’re talking to a Nazi there

2019-05-31 13:58:19 UTC  

@n- hu ben zonah

2019-05-31 13:58:34 UTC  

Ani maskim

2019-05-31 13:58:48 UTC  

Ata mavin ivrit?

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Firefly lo ose klum

2019-05-31 13:58:58 UTC  


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Ata yahudi?

2019-05-31 13:59:18 UTC  

O yisraeli

2019-05-31 13:59:35 UTC  

Ha sheni

2019-05-31 13:59:50 UTC  

Ani lo yisraeli

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2019-05-31 14:01:07 UTC  

Miod majnunim can

2019-05-31 14:01:18 UTC  

Ani lo maamin bashem ve biglal ze ani lo Yehudi

2019-05-31 14:01:30 UTC  


2019-05-31 14:01:53 UTC  

Gam lo raziti laasot giyur

2019-05-31 14:01:59 UTC  


2019-05-31 14:02:24 UTC  

Lo, ha Saba sheli