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about how jews argue

2019-05-31 14:26:55 UTC

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We are in the hebrew chan

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@Deleted User who was the author of that picture IDC for your slogans

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if they talk about jews like they are good ppl

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I’m taking advantage of useful idiots quite regularly, for instance, I have convinced some people to adopt Marxist critique of capital

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you can guess they are jews

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@n- Why are you hating on marx

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marxism is the same as capitalism you fucking idiots

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he had some really based things and was a jew himself

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— dril

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every ideology is retarded except the natural ones

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which are primitivism

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Ok that's nice so even if a Jew published it (which you would have to first prove their mother is Jewish ) they don't represent all Jews at all @Deleted User

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True, one and only natural fully automated luxury gay space communism

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@F0X~{A Walker} lol, dat jewery

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The most natural state of all

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lol jew

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i can't wait until offender pulls a dotty on your uncle

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@F0X~{A Walker} i only ever talked about just that image

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why are you bringing in so many strawmen that dont make any sense

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i can't wait until offender pulls a dotty on your uncle

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your strawmen look all retarded

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and saves the lives of his friends

2019-05-31 14:29:42 UTC  

What’s a dotty

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@Deleted User because they're jews

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that's how they argue you fucking idiot

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Is this some kind of sex thing?

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You literally just quoted it

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So a few Jews published something. Should I believe all Jews believe a certain way off a minority opinion

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The Jews are the hive mind, they encompass all humanity

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See cato, no one knows waht a dotty is 😄

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so a few muslims bombed something. Should I believe all muslims may be a terrorist?

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Expect the worst

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With their Jewy vibes