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my sides

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now please

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form non vague sentence

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I don't see how being an MLP fan is any more 'degenerate' than playing warhammer 40k tbh

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Come on! If you're failing an argument against a communist, muslim brony, you can't be doing *all* that well in life, right? Well, at least according to your beliefs and views

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you don't have an argument as far as I can tell.

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nothing to argue about

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@DessertBeagle watching a childrens cartoon about anthromorphic equine creatures while you are above the age of 35 is much worse.

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According to....?

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I'm not convinced, and anyways do we know Snow's age? 🤔

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or even gender?

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majority of said shows viewers atleast

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I've never met a brony over the age of 35 myself, although I've only known 3

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you are lucky then

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no I really don't mind them. The bronies I've known IRL were pretty cool. I don't hate people because they have hobbies/interests that I'm not into.

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children's cartoons qualify as a hobby?

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interest, at least. Being a full-time brony could be a hobby. Some of them are pretty dedicated 🤔

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Come on! It was clear this time!

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what does being a fulltime brony have to do with it being a hobby?

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I am fairly certain that there are no constructive activity's while doing thar

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if you're making clothing, attending cons, making plushies, art, etc...

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yes they do constructive things as well... they're just MLP-centric

2017-09-13 03:59:12 UTC  

do any of these events assist with day to day life?

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no that's why I was saying it could be a hobby

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Are hobbies supposed to?

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and actually if you're making art or plushies, then yes you could sell them for a profit

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Denket! Level up that brain. You're falling behind

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I have a friend who does that

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man this brony is making you look like a fool @Deleted User 🤦

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better give up now

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if making me look like a fool is stating vague and downright uninteresting statements then yes, he is making me look like a fool.

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no he's pointing out how your statements are nonsensical and insulting you while he does it.

2017-09-13 04:04:07 UTC  

I am asking logical questions, unless you would like to prove that otherwise explain how is he insulting me?

2017-09-13 04:05:37 UTC  

you're asking stupid questions aka 'does that hobby assist with daily life?' and he's pointing that out and implying your stupid questions make you a stupid person.

2017-09-13 04:05:45 UTC  

But that's just my impression.

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I am curious for what hobby does for a person,

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Is your cop out really "vague sentences"? I thought I already told you it was your inability to comprehend them. Come on, take a breather