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2017-05-09 22:48:34 UTC  

oh yeah i seen that

2017-05-09 22:48:41 UTC  

@petit bourgeois Maoist Rebel News

2017-05-09 22:48:44 UTC  

but he didnt put 1919 soviet Hungary as an example of socialism

2017-05-09 22:48:48 UTC  


2017-05-09 22:48:50 UTC  

he didnt even put USSR or Mao's china

2017-05-09 22:48:55 UTC  


2017-05-09 22:48:57 UTC  

he is an absolute idiot

2017-05-09 22:49:05 UTC  

he called the USSR a mistake

2017-05-09 22:49:17 UTC  

Back in a day Maoist Rebel was something unseen

2017-05-09 22:49:23 UTC  

he is one of those autists who keep repeating that real socialism never existed

2017-05-09 22:49:25 UTC  

Now everyone is like him

2017-05-09 22:49:25 UTC  

but to a degree jason does too

2017-05-09 22:49:35 UTC  

yeah he's like a pop figure now for maoism

2017-05-09 22:49:52 UTC  

i find him kinda cringy but he's a good theorist

2017-05-09 22:50:32 UTC  

i never understood why people think he is a meme, his videos are good and when he made a couple of angry videos he was pissed off by idiots

2017-05-09 22:50:39 UTC  

i like the video where he got drunk and started ranting about the haters on his videos

2017-05-09 22:50:41 UTC  

What is the other one you are talking about?

2017-05-09 22:50:52 UTC  

i think its mostly trots who are completely the opposite from third worldism

2017-05-09 22:51:14 UTC  

a lot of left communists don't really understand third worldism

2017-05-09 22:51:16 UTC  

i feel like

2017-05-09 22:51:26 UTC  

what left communism even is

2017-05-09 22:51:50 UTC  

is like luxemburgism, trotskyism, de leonism, concil communism etc

2017-05-09 22:51:52 UTC  


2017-05-09 22:52:05 UTC  

not really marxist

2017-05-09 22:52:23 UTC  

*but thats a controversial statement*

2017-05-09 22:52:44 UTC  

On the west

2017-05-09 22:53:05 UTC  

Never seen a controversy on this topic in Russia

2017-05-09 22:53:22 UTC  

is communism even big in russia?

2017-05-09 22:53:37 UTC  

relatively to what

2017-05-09 22:53:58 UTC  

idk to like other western countries

2017-05-09 22:54:02 UTC  

@petit bourgeois Like in China?

2017-05-09 22:54:12 UTC  

>western countries

2017-05-09 22:54:15 UTC  

for example

2017-05-09 22:54:38 UTC  

idk my dude i just want to know the prevelance of socialism in russia rn

2017-05-09 22:54:38 UTC  

@petit bourgeois Communism in Russia is bigger than in Luxemburg

2017-05-09 22:55:16 UTC  

i live in america so its pretty barren from where i am

2017-05-09 22:55:39 UTC  

@petit bourgeois Did you read Proriv?

2017-05-09 22:55:44 UTC  

IMHO communism is quite popular in Russia, but we have a tonn of revisionist organizations and simply just some abstract patriotic that exploit soviet symbolics

2017-05-09 22:55:45 UTC  

nuh uh

2017-05-09 22:55:48 UTC  

and these catch a lot of people

2017-05-09 22:55:58 UTC  

with pro-communist opinion