Message from Riefen in Southern Front #general

2017-06-23 17:49:42 UTC  

Have you guys seen this? Benjamin Paulson 😂

2017-06-23 18:08:07 UTC  

@everyone Spread that as far and wide as you can, I also strongly encourage every one of you to donate as much as you can to help out

2017-06-23 18:10:15 UTC  

Got any good South Africa genocide propaganda to go with it? @Thomas Ryan

2017-06-23 18:10:42 UTC  

Also there's typo in America ^*^

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2017-06-23 18:14:43 UTC  

GG, hand over the reigns to your twitter account.

2017-06-23 18:21:45 UTC  

@TXStormer Dont post in updates

2017-06-23 18:22:00 UTC  

And it says that all donations will be going to them

2017-06-23 18:22:16 UTC  

We're going to empty our pockets for these guys.

2017-06-23 18:22:19 UTC  

Deleted it

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2017-06-23 18:29:09 UTC  

For a boy or a girl child? @Tedium

2017-06-23 18:30:30 UTC  

Best general advice I can give for the early years is if they feel pain but aren't injured (if that makes sense) don't make a big deal out of it. Laugh and act like it's part of playing.

Ingrains not being a little bitch into them

2017-06-23 18:30:51 UTC  

Makes sense

2017-06-23 18:30:56 UTC  

Like if they're learning to walk and quickly sit down / fall back on their rear

2017-06-23 18:30:59 UTC  

Don't baby them even if they are a baby, tell them to grow tf up

2017-06-23 18:31:03 UTC  

They get spooked but not injured

2017-06-23 18:32:33 UTC  

Speaking of getting injured, tons of White South Africans get injured or killed by those who seek their genocide, we should really help them

2017-06-23 18:32:49 UTC  

When they're super young it's better to make it about fun than being stern IMO. Kids react better to positive emotion to train them, but Lefties have latched onto that and turned it into something profane. IMO snapping on or disciplining kids should be a later resort at younger energetic ages. Better to use positive excitement when they're little kids

2017-06-23 18:33:55 UTC  

Do you have any propaganda posters for it that I can throw up? How are our contributions looking so far? @Thomas Ryan

2017-06-23 18:34:10 UTC  

When is the final day to donate?

2017-06-23 18:34:39 UTC  

I don't think there is a final say

2017-06-23 18:34:40 UTC  


2017-06-23 18:34:47 UTC  

We have about 6-7k to go. And until the event itself.

2017-06-23 18:35:13 UTC  

How much do we have, and when is the event

2017-06-23 18:35:14 UTC  

I dont think posters will help, just spread it to people you know

2017-06-23 18:35:42 UTC  

@Nathan TX Read the article

2017-06-23 18:36:50 UTC  

Posters was the wrong word in this situation....infographics, photos of black on white crime. Google only shows me photos of black on black as far as I can find

2017-06-23 18:37:18 UTC  

Go to the suidlanders' site, linked in the article

2017-06-23 18:37:47 UTC  

Everybody I know IRL is too centre to join VA but might be swayed by photos of apes in control of a once great nation

2017-06-23 18:37:53 UTC  

Thank you. Will do.

2017-06-23 18:43:40 UTC  

👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻

2017-06-23 18:44:25 UTC  
2017-06-23 18:52:19 UTC  

Does anybody have links about blacks committing crimes and stuff on the whites in SA

2017-06-23 18:52:35 UTC  

Used too

2017-06-23 18:52:55 UTC  

Go to the Suidlanders site

2017-06-23 18:53:02 UTC  

Linked in the article, they talk about it all