Message from Chris TX in Southern Front #general

2017-08-05 14:26:14 UTC  

the mudshark talks about (((raising a black family)) more like she stooped down to a black family

2017-08-05 14:57:37 UTC  

I had a mulatto compliment me on my White Lives Matter t-shirt. She said she thought all lives mattered. I told her they don't.

2017-08-05 15:14:30 UTC  

Did we lose that new guy already

2017-08-05 15:15:02 UTC  

Tried to send him a message says we're not on the same server

2017-08-05 15:23:47 UTC  

I think we did

2017-08-05 15:29:09 UTC  

Damn lol

2017-08-05 15:30:15 UTC  

Wtf you guys do to him lmao

2017-08-05 15:32:16 UTC  

I was looking for his tag lol wondering why he wasn't in the Florida chat and realized he's not on at all
But from the looks of it he didn't say anything makes me wonder what he was doing here in the first place

2017-08-05 15:32:51 UTC

2017-08-05 15:38:29 UTC  

No mutual friends either

2017-08-05 15:45:25 UTC  

It's probably for the better then when you think about it just a little weird

2017-08-05 15:47:07 UTC  

Maybe I'm just suspicious but with cville coming up you never know until you figure a person out

2017-08-05 16:57:37 UTC  

@Kevin FL True. A healthy amount of skepticism and paranoia is expected until our viewpoints are more...normalized and mainstream.

2017-08-05 16:58:34 UTC  

I need a WPWW shirt to wear to a Black Panther showing

2017-08-05 16:59:29 UTC  

@Chris TX my university has even produced and sold Black Lives Matter shirts, and a lot of the black students and employees bought them

2017-08-05 17:01:40 UTC  

@Ronny TX can nobody see that for what it is?

2017-08-05 17:03:41 UTC  

Makes me want to wear a White Pride World Wide shirt to school

2017-08-05 17:53:48 UTC  

Idk why we even have a Saturday shift all we're doing is competing with jiffy lube while the real techs sit around on discord

2017-08-05 18:40:46 UTC  

Shit, I got 3 brake jobs and that 5.4 Ford cylidner head at my shitty shop.

2017-08-05 18:40:58 UTC  


2017-08-05 18:41:51 UTC  

I need to get my brakes changed.

2017-08-05 18:49:16 UTC  

Come on over.

2017-08-05 18:50:33 UTC  

Not sure what kind of discount I can get at the actual shop, but I can get the pads and the rotors (if i can't machine them) at like 10% above cost from our distributor.

2017-08-05 18:51:50 UTC  

Very cool. I might just do that.

2017-08-05 18:58:57 UTC  

@Chris TX been sitting here for 4 hours contemplating life and space

2017-08-05 18:59:32 UTC  

But I'll take nothing over crap work that would keep me from leaving soon lol

2017-08-05 19:01:56 UTC  

Haha, definitely.

2017-08-05 19:03:34 UTC  

hey guys im looking for someone to ride share with to Unite the Right

2017-08-05 19:03:35 UTC  

@Tedium Do your own brakes it's much cheaper.

2017-08-05 19:03:54 UTC  

im in knoxville tn

2017-08-05 19:04:39 UTC  

@everyone anyone driving thru knoxville or surrounding areas im looking to a spot to ride to unite the right.. alight thats my shill

2017-08-05 19:05:12 UTC  

@Chris7577TX If I can get the pads and what not for cheap, I'll do it for him for free. We don't live far from one another

2017-08-05 19:06:17 UTC  


2017-08-05 19:07:52 UTC  

I'd actually like to give lessons on basic diy stuff. Every man should be able to change their own oil, fix their own plumbing, and frame their own sheds.

2017-08-05 19:18:50 UTC

2017-08-05 20:18:42 UTC  

@Chris7577TX Nothing wrong with that. I agree. Every man should be able to do basic things. That gave me a pretty good blog idea.

2017-08-05 20:20:38 UTC  

As far as me doing Tedium's brakes is concerned, I just happen to work at a garage where I can get parts from a distributor for super god damn cheap. You wouldn't believe how bad we mark up the cost of parts. Keeps the labor rate of the shop down.

2017-08-05 23:44:11 UTC  

Y'all we are only short $10! I know we can get this done!

2017-08-05 23:45:38 UTC  

Hey goys, need an answer. One of my friends in Penn is looking to go to Cville and said she heard about a sign-up. I thought there wasn't one. Is there?