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What am I reading

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Economy: basket case

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Nation States will allow hammer and sickle and not swastika because the hammer and sickle stood for something besides death and isn't as offensive. They actually say that in their FAQ, more or less. That excuse shows a clear ignorance of knowledge about history.

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I've heard historians say even tho the commies killed over 100 million the Nazis are still worse because they systematically killed j00es

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Just had a curiosity and off-topic how many people are actually rejected through vetting

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Do the vetters have it covered I'm usually called upon when I'm at the gym unfortunately if we wanted to extend hours I'd be willing to work overtime 7-8-9

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If you're available and you're already a vetter you pretty much vet when there are people

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How does someone become a vetter?

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i dont think you have been here that long my lad

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you arent even in the national server either

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@Maxson check <#314232160355745795>

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Right, sorry.

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I don't qualify. I'm a n00b.

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I love it when the left goes full circle and starts to eat itself.

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Yeah look at the comments

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top kek

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My dad and I are watching the Princess Bride and I pointed out that the bald guy looks Jewish, looked it up, and I was right. Then I found the actor who played Inigo Montoya and said that he looks Jewish too, and he was. I'm getting good at this lol

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Man, I really liked Inigo as a character.

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Of course, finding Jews in the entertainment industry is like finding maggots in rotting corpse

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It's not really that hard lol

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And the entertainment industry is a maggot rotting america

2017-07-07 01:08:17 UTC The eyes and nose give it away tbh

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That's a kike

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Patinkin grew up in an upper-middle-class family, descended from Jewish emigrants (from Russia and Poland), and was raised in Conservative Judaism,[2][7][8] attending religious school daily "from the age of seven to 13 or 14" and singing in synagogue choirs, as well as attending the Camp Surah in Michigan.[2]

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Total kike

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Shawn was born to Jewish parents, but now identifies as an atheist.[10][11][12][13] He resides in Manhattan, New York City.[14]

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Vizzini, a Jew? Inconceivable!

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He's ugly as hell

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Elwes has Croatian Jewish, English, Irish, Serbian, and Scottish ancestry.

2017-07-07 01:13:27 UTC Ctrl+F "Jew" 0 of 0. Looks like she's clean

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But she married a Jew