Message from Tedium in Southern Front #general

2017-06-18 12:35:27 UTC  

My friend is going to shill for the South African thing tonight when he appears on the rebel yell

2017-06-18 12:35:47 UTC  

Cause the Dutch alt right is trying to give the boers refugee status in the Netherlands

2017-06-18 13:14:39 UTC  

@Riefen Thats an app on android play store called Vote 1

2017-06-18 15:10:14 UTC  

@TXStormer those look amazing

2017-06-18 15:44:21 UTC  

@TXStormer those are pretty rad

2017-06-18 15:44:40 UTC  

they're using the old eagle tho, new one has the fasces flipped

2017-06-18 15:45:43 UTC  

vote 1 is pretty good

2017-06-18 16:27:54 UTC  

Send the current version

2017-06-18 17:21:07 UTC  

Lol! Is the "verbal attack with anti semitic slurs" he's refering to when Azzmador asked him if he was jewish?

2017-06-18 17:40:56 UTC  

Not sure, there was a guy across the street who shouted some comments and got some comments shouted back, me and a few others told the guys to mind their own buisness and forget it.

Kind of funny how they blow it out of proportion as an anti-semitic hate crime

2017-06-18 18:14:14 UTC  

You have the logo with the fasces faced downward? @Thomas Ryan

2017-06-18 18:16:40 UTC

2017-06-18 18:18:47 UTC

2017-06-18 18:33:18 UTC  

At first we were few, and then we became the many^:

2017-06-18 18:34:17 UTC  

Gotta keep growing!

2017-06-18 19:03:40 UTC  


2017-06-18 19:28:59 UTC  

We got a shout out on the rebel yell

2017-06-18 19:32:31 UTC

2017-06-18 19:32:34 UTC

2017-06-18 19:32:42 UTC  

Is my heart gonna blow up fam?

2017-06-18 19:32:57 UTC  

I mean, probably

2017-06-18 19:33:29 UTC  

In other news, if you're looking for a good preworkout, I endorse Attack lmao.

2017-06-18 19:34:13 UTC  

What brand

2017-06-18 19:36:12 UTC  

Attack. That's the name.

2017-06-18 19:36:25 UTC  

By Kodak supps?

2017-06-18 19:36:31 UTC  

Yellow label?

2017-06-18 19:37:03 UTC  

Yeah. But I wouldn't get it online. I got mine for 30 from a local place.

2017-06-18 19:37:07 UTC  


2017-06-18 19:37:43 UTC  

Yeah its 50$ from the website

2017-06-18 19:38:23 UTC  

Fuck that.

2017-06-18 19:38:31 UTC  

Not worth 50 bucks.

2017-06-18 19:38:35 UTC  

The podcast will be out later this week

2017-06-18 19:39:31 UTC  

The first half of that podcast was awesome.

2017-06-18 19:39:36 UTC  


2017-06-18 19:47:50 UTC  

I always, *always* buy my supps out of a strange old man's fanny pack in the gym lockeroom. He goes by Lurch.

It's really the only way to ensure quality.

2017-06-18 19:48:25 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan do you want to come on the rebel yell on some point

2017-06-18 19:48:43 UTC  


2017-06-18 19:49:16 UTC  

Cause the guest they had on give them my skype to them and I rather you or Dillion be on it

2017-06-18 19:54:44 UTC  

Yeah you gotta have a spokesperson on, I can do it