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Found these on the net. Funny i think. i have more if anyone wants to see

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lmao Orcslam

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Why the lord of the ring memes becoming popular

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another good one

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idk, some guy on chans is making OC

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It's pretty gay

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i think thought i was really funny

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nice, i typed an extra word fml

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im not into LOTR either , but to comepare mudskins to orcs is funny

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@Fox Tx Since youre down south too, you make find this interesting the next time a swj tries to debate you

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What is the glue-like adhesive that is used to hang posters that advertise concerts outside music venues? It's banned in some cities and states but some of our guys used it to hang posters where it isn't banned.

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As an alternative to tape

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Spray adhesive. 3M makes it

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gotta ❤ libtards

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I watched this one yesterday. I think if has the commie lawyer speaking more. Its gold this attorney is so autistic.

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I like it ^^^

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I want Italian food

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I been talking to spaghetti niggers all day

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@Sup_G if I'm correct the 13 stars actually represent the first 13 colonies that fought for their freedom against British rule just as the south did against the union.

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This is completely sick and he needs to be hanged

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So I have a partly formed idea. If you examine Ancient Greek art, the heroes always have small penises and the satyrs always have very large penises. They associated large penises with lust, foolishness, and animal qualities, whereas small penises were logic, intelligence, and self-control. One who was not as well endowed was not dominated by lust and folly. This seems to have been the dominant opinion until fairly recently. Renaissance art depicts men with small penises as well, and I think even German depictions of the Ideal Aryan also had small penises. The idea of bbc originated from racism, the idea that blacks were animals obsessed with raping white women. Average penis size of a country seems to vary inversely with average IQ. So why is it that recently the opinion has shifted so that now big penises are a good thing? Is it because our culture is obsessed wit sex, or because we want to make niggers look better so we promote a quality that they have? Perhaps that is also why tans are valued nowadays, when in the old days people preferred pale skin. Therefore I propose that we find a way to turn our culture around and value small penises again, so we can shift our values from sex back to intelligence and from black back to white. However, I have no idea how we promote this without people saying "oh they only care because they have small penises" or something of the sort.

2017-06-01 02:21:59 UTC  

Super male vitality

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@The Blond Beast Yo that was fast

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Average opinion has shifted to reflect that because larger penises feel better to females, and with the advent of feminism causing the sexual revolution, it's socially acceptable to talk about that.

Tans are valued nowadays because

Rich people liked to slum it (same way salads are now socially acceptable)

Although the DARK burned tans that more and more white females are getting are indicative of liking and promoting black skin.

Unfortunately I don't think there is a way to change that. If anybody tries, they'll just "ayo lmao whitie is tiny yooooooo"

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Opinion on sunflower seeds guys

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You'd also have a ton of people who actually do have micropenis and small penis saying "oh heheheh of course I'm not with those guys I'm big like all of you guys heheheh"