Message from Dr. NUGGETS in South African Border War: Operation Savannah #off-topic

2019-03-22 17:27:24 UTC

2019-03-22 17:30:08 UTC

2019-03-30 13:33:40 UTC  

@everyone Hay everyone if you haven't already checked out my YouTube channel please do i'm almost at 100 subs i'm at 65 subs at the moment any support would be appreciated

2019-04-03 04:50:24 UTC  

Hay Guys If you like Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 the battle royale mode is free for the entire month

2019-04-03 10:54:17 UTC  

Battle royale 🤢

2019-04-03 10:54:43 UTC  

Ja not a fan of battle royale....

2019-04-03 14:57:34 UTC  

Where good game design goes to die

2019-04-04 15:06:26 UTC  

@here Hay guys want to ask if you haven't already i recently started making YouTube videos and I'm almost at 100 subs if you guys can help me get there so if you want to i would really appreciate it if you could sub to my channel

2019-04-15 17:02:12 UTC  

Hi everyone my very first plugin for UE4 is now available on the UE4 marketplace if you want to found out more you can check out it out here:

2019-04-16 19:59:03 UTC

2019-04-16 19:59:29 UTC  

Lekker new mouse pad

2019-04-16 20:01:10 UTC  

You thinks it's big enough?

2019-04-16 20:01:30 UTC  

That's what she said.

2019-04-16 20:01:39 UTC  

Sorry my immature side can't help it 😂

2019-04-16 20:02:20 UTC  

It's a tad too big for my desk but I plan on getting a new desk at some point so no worries there.

2019-04-16 20:03:01 UTC  

It's a lot better than my previous mouse pad where I would often slide off the mat.

2019-04-16 20:04:56 UTC  

Nah m8 i understand the struggle

2019-04-16 20:06:30 UTC  

I use a 40×60 pad so im not really one to judge

2019-04-16 20:07:20 UTC

2019-04-16 20:07:33 UTC  

That's the new PC

2019-04-18 09:42:44 UTC  

Our entire town is locked down

2019-04-18 09:43:07 UTC  

The taxis are blocking the roads

2019-04-21 20:57:51 UTC  


2019-04-21 20:58:18 UTC  

Very unwieldy.

2019-04-21 21:05:22 UTC  

Very retarded

2019-04-23 14:05:45 UTC  
2019-04-25 20:29:19 UTC  


2019-04-25 22:10:09 UTC

2019-04-26 07:36:33 UTC  

Anyone play Star Citizen

2019-04-26 09:04:26 UTC  

Im a bit poor

2019-04-26 09:04:40 UTC