Message from Springbok in South African Border War: Operation Savannah #mapping

2019-04-10 14:11:30 UTC

2019-04-10 14:11:37 UTC

2019-04-10 14:13:27 UTC  

So i have started to create a small test map for SABW where we will be testing some stuff once most off the models like the weapons and the deferent factions are done etc

2019-04-10 14:14:28 UTC  

And i am also learning the Squad SDK at the same time

2019-04-10 20:48:26 UTC

2019-04-10 20:48:54 UTC

2019-04-10 20:48:58 UTC

2019-04-10 20:49:21 UTC  

That's the type of terrain that you need to try and mimic 😋

2019-04-10 20:50:04 UTC  

Going to be a bit taxing on performance though I think with the thick bush maps... We'll see how we'll deal with that.

2019-04-10 20:50:11 UTC

2019-04-10 20:51:43 UTC

2019-04-10 20:52:35 UTC  

Bases often had "sand walls" rather than HESCO barriers as I believe they weren't invented yet at that time?

2019-04-10 21:16:11 UTC  


2019-04-10 21:16:41 UTC  

I'm going to work on some map assets so Warmaster can get cracking.

Likely the SADF tent as the first asset

2019-04-10 21:16:50 UTC  

So the test map will be a "base"

2019-04-13 18:31:14 UTC  

changed the green grass for dead grass

2019-04-13 18:31:14 UTC

2019-04-13 18:33:04 UTC

2019-04-13 18:38:31 UTC  

looks more like the real thing

2019-04-13 18:39:42 UTC  

im also going to change out some of the buildings for tents

2019-04-14 03:06:40 UTC

2019-04-14 03:09:34 UTC

2019-04-14 03:11:39 UTC

2019-04-14 11:55:07 UTC

2019-04-14 11:58:49 UTC  

Mini Map

2019-04-14 13:00:33 UTC  

looking very nice

2019-04-16 06:32:31 UTC  

The sand bags should be a brown colour other than that its looking great

2019-04-16 13:09:11 UTC  

Will be making brown textures

2019-04-20 15:52:36 UTC  

Hay everyone just letting you know i started getting an issue if i tried to play our test map in the editor where it would crash and tried to find a fix with no success. So i decided to just create the map over from scratch and also make the map bigger