Message from warmaster2143 in South African Border War: Operation Savannah #mapping

2019-04-21 00:03:07 UTC

2019-04-21 01:32:52 UTC  

Shooting Range Coming Together

2019-04-21 01:35:47 UTC

2019-04-21 05:15:01 UTC  

Bit close range

2019-04-21 05:18:31 UTC  

Will make a longer range one later

2019-04-21 05:19:56 UTC  

Cool looks very nice i like the bags

2019-04-21 05:20:48 UTC  

Yea will put some more updated images of the map later

2019-04-21 05:21:40 UTC  

Changed a few things all around the map and added ammo crates by the spawns and shooting range

2019-04-21 05:24:12 UTC  

And i am going to package a test version of the mod and putting it on our test server so will see we might give a link to download the test version of the mod and then you can play on the test server but there will be a password on the server so you will have to message me or springbok for the password

2019-04-21 05:24:36 UTC  

Yeah i have no internet atm

2019-04-21 05:24:44 UTC  

that sucks

2019-04-21 05:24:53 UTC  

Tell me man

2019-04-21 05:25:00 UTC  

Gotta get my fix

2019-04-21 05:25:20 UTC  

what's wrong with your internet

2019-04-21 05:26:04 UTC  

I finished studying and been job hunting for 5 months now

2019-04-21 05:26:14 UTC  


2019-04-21 05:26:15 UTC  

Living with my dad on the farm

2019-04-21 05:26:47 UTC  

Got a job now at least but i dunno if ill be able to get internet there

2019-04-21 05:26:58 UTC  


2019-04-21 05:27:03 UTC  

Since its also deeeep in the bundus

2019-04-21 05:27:58 UTC  

Is there no wireless ISP's in your aria

2019-04-21 05:28:15 UTC  

My man

2019-04-21 05:28:25 UTC  

The job is in a game conservancy

2019-04-21 05:28:56 UTC  

1 and a half hours away from tabazimbi via dirt roads

2019-04-21 05:28:59 UTC  


2019-04-21 05:29:13 UTC  


2019-04-21 05:29:30 UTC  

Nah its bad quality

2019-04-21 05:29:45 UTC  


2019-04-21 05:29:53 UTC  

But ill check it out

2019-04-21 05:30:10 UTC  

Hopefully you can get internet in the future

2019-04-21 05:30:18 UTC  


2019-04-21 05:30:39 UTC  

Cant believe i havent played squad in such a long time

2019-04-21 05:30:53 UTC  


2019-04-21 05:31:50 UTC  

i also just recently started playing it again when i started working on the map and stuff

2019-04-21 05:34:03 UTC

2019-04-21 05:34:58 UTC  

Looks naas

2019-04-21 05:35:17 UTC  

The green sandbags is one of the small bunkers but has no brown versions but we will try and make new textures later

2019-04-21 05:36:11 UTC  

The tents in the background are broken in the SDK but in game they work fine that's why the textures do not look loaded

2019-04-21 05:37:05 UTC  

Ah ok

2019-04-21 05:37:55 UTC

2019-04-22 01:47:38 UTC