Message from Rooikat in South African Border War: Operation Savannah #modeling

2019-03-07 15:25:06 UTC  

@Springbok i would have love to join your modeling team and assis, i just dont know how to do modeling but would love to 😔

2019-03-07 15:28:17 UTC  

Hey man, I was the same once. If you're keen to learn how to model then I suggest you watch as many modeling tutorials out there. As that is what I did when I first got started and slowly but surely learned the workflow. It took me awhile though, but everyone learns at different paces.

2019-03-07 15:37:32 UTC  

@Rooikat We might live stream for the first time tonight and show some live modelling

2019-03-07 16:53:27 UTC  

@Springbok and @warmaster2143 awsome thanks a lot i will definately look at the turorials and get behind the basics and then take it the next step. Ill keep anneye open for the libe stream tonight

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2019-03-14 06:13:28 UTC  

Little bit of progress on the Casspir today.

2019-03-14 06:13:29 UTC

2019-03-14 06:13:29 UTC

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2019-03-14 14:13:25 UTC  

Excellent @Springbok

2019-03-14 19:36:20 UTC  

One thing though

2019-03-14 19:36:38 UTC  

Most SADF infantry never used the casspir

2019-03-14 19:36:45 UTC  

Only buffel for army

2019-03-14 19:37:13 UTC  

Only after angola did infantry start using the casspir extensively

2019-03-14 19:42:29 UTC  

@Kooijpolloi Ah didn't know that. Although there are images of troops maybe Koevoet? In nutria uniforms sitting on a Casspir here

2019-03-14 19:42:37 UTC

2019-03-14 19:42:45 UTC

2019-03-14 19:44:56 UTC  

All koevoet

2019-03-14 19:45:05 UTC  

Talked to an ex tiffie about it

2019-03-14 19:45:19 UTC  

Ah alright. No worries there as I'll be including Koevoet as well

2019-03-14 19:45:29 UTC  

They werent even allowed to repair or work on casspirs

2019-03-14 19:45:36 UTC  

The tiffies?

2019-03-14 19:45:42 UTC  

Only noddys ratels and buffels

2019-03-14 19:45:47 UTC  

Tiffie is a mechanic

2019-03-14 19:46:00 UTC  

A soultiffie is a priest

2019-03-14 19:46:05 UTC  


2019-03-14 19:46:06 UTC  

Ja I know. Didn't know that the tiffies weren't allowed to work on the Casspirs

2019-03-14 19:46:14 UTC  

Not the army ones

2019-03-14 19:46:57 UTC  

He said the shittest job on a ratel was changing the diffs

2019-03-14 19:47:59 UTC  

I can imagine! I've been reading Eye of the Firestorm by Roland de Vries. (thick ass book) and he mentions the Tiffies on numerous occasions